Wednesday, May 1, 2013

18 months

I try to remember life before you, but I can’t. Your daddy and I both decided we would be really boring without you. You have introduced us to so many people because you have very little stranger anxiety. Your favorite thing as of lately is to say “hi” or “hey” to anybody and everybody.  The “hi” is real short, soft, and sweet, but the “hey” is loud. It’s almost like the Italian “heeeeeeee-eeeeey”.  It cracks me up every time.

Sweaty Curls
You have added a lot of new words this month. They include pizza, eat, more, please, thank you, ops for both grandpas, dog, bite, stuck, wa which is phone- not sure how you came to that one, buh-bye, pee-pee, banana, tree, all gone which is “all go go” and book. Aunt Judi and Uncle Jimmy gave you a book for Christmas called baby’s first 100 words. You can identity at least 80% of the pictures if we ask you where something is. It has made your daddy and I realize that you understand way more than we give you credit for.

As for big milestones, two word sentences/associations started this month. It’s my favorite. My sweet friend Amber gave me a mug that has a bunch of our family pictures on it. You saw a picture of baby Noah sleeping on it. You said to me “bay beee nigh nigh”. At first I had no idea what you were talking about, but I then realized you were pointing to the mug. You say “daddy buh-bye” when he leaves in the mornings. You will say “eat please.” This past Sunday we all slept until 9 (which never happens). You woke up and I gave you your milk. You then started crying and I was so confused- I knew you were rested. You then pointed to your mouth and said “EAT PLEASE”. Duh- you had slept for 14 hours. You were starving!

You are running, jumping, sliding, riding your trike, climbing, and snuggling. We have started a new nightly ritual. You will sit in between your daddy and I while we watch some silly TV show and just snuggle with me. You like to be as close to mommy as possible. You love to lay your head on your daddy or my chest. We saw awwww and you know you are being sweet. You soak up attention. You eventually get bored of the show and we go through the body parts. Your favorite is to open my mouth and touch my teeth. You then say “TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETH” really loud. Afterwards, we head to “nigh nigh”. You now repeat it back to me after I say it to you when I tuck you in. It’s so sweet.

Serious at play!
Food- blah-don’t get me started. You have become beyond picky. You will take three bites of something- tell me it’s yummy- then take the next bite, spit it out in your hand, and hand it back to me. I don’t enjoy it one bit. We go through some many different things trying to figure out what you want. Lately, it’s been a lot of starch. Maybe it’s just a phase- I pray it is. Your daddy and I get very frustrated because you will refuse something one second and then eat the whole thing the next. As of right now, you will usually eat corn, meat, apples, and oranges (oh and ice cream- you will always position yourself in my lap to make sure you don’t miss out- even if it means climbing up the couch via daddy’s legs and over mounds of pillows).

Inspector Walk
You love playing with cars, bouncing balls, throwing rocks, watching big kids, and being outside. We walk to get the mail every day, and you love to hold the keys and try to put them in the slot. We still see temper tantrums and spend time in timeout. We also see lots of kisses and hugs, so I can’t complain. You are just figuring out the boundaries. I know more teeth are coming- lots of drool.

Why hello green eyes and two bottom teeth!
You have brought so much joy to us this past month. After you go to sleep, your daddy and I talk about the funny things you do. Noah, we love you to the moon and back! 

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  1. Beautiful baby boy!! Loved having y'all come over yesterday. So glad Noah loves your mug too hehe :)