Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 13: Round #2

Along:13 weeks

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a peach

Total Weight Gain/Loss: In this area I have no idea. I lost so much with #2 at the very beginning. I'm pretty sure everybody thought I was dieting because of my lack of appetitie and weight loss. I'm glad to finally admit that no I wasn't on some kind of crash diet. I actually have a baby in this belly that does not like food or anything with a strong scent.

Maternity Clothes:None yet

Gender: I think boy. Everything so far has been really similar to Noah besides occasionally throwing up. We are not going to find out gender. Matt and I loved how my friend Amber did this with Hudson and my co-worker Petra did this with Maya. It seems like so much fun, and we really have no preference what comes next. A boy would be more practical since we have everyting already but a girl would add some sass. I'm not sassy, but I do embrace the bows and the pink for the lil' one! EEEK! I get excited thinking about it.

Movement: None yet!

Sleep: Sleep has been hit or miss. I either am EXHAUSTED/ pass out between 8-10 p.m. or can't fall asleep and can't get comfortable until midnight. I had some insomnia with Noah, so I'm not surprised.

What I miss: I miss not feeling the "motion sickness" all the time. I forgot how miserable it was with Noah- which is a good thing. I do constantly remind myself that morning sickness is a good sign and means the baby is down to business in my belly. It has gotten significantly better since the 5-10 week mark which I am so thankful for. I actually enjoy food which I couldn't say 3 weeks ago. I also miss being able to brush my teeth without gagging- didn't have this with Noah. I have it with #2- weird right?

Cravings: I always want fruit. I've been loving apples and green grapes this week. Ice cream is now a must. As of right now, Blue Bell Homeade Vanilla and Strawberries is my favorite.

Symptoms: I'm car sick, tired, and more irritable. My sense of smell is so strong and sensitive. I will smell something and want to throw up. I oddly like the smell of cleaners and paint. I think it's because it is so strong it takes away all those musty or food smells.  I also have intense cravings. I can be demanding about them too- sorry Matt- best husband ever.

Best Moment This Week: Matt and I are planning a small weekend get away in May. We will be taking our second trip by ourselves- yes, that means that we haven't gone anywhere just us since our honeymoon. We are headed to New Mexico, and I could not be more excited. My agenda- spa, hikes, and food. I will miss the dood like crazy, but this will be the #2 babymoon!

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