Monday, August 18, 2014

Deacon is Nine Months!

Weight/Length- 19 pounds 10 ounces (45% for weight) 28 inches (48% for height) 46 cm head (75% for head circumference)

Eating- Deacon loves to eat. Homeboy has 5 bottles a day of bm. Each bottle has around 5-6 ounces. He has 3-4 meals a day depending on what’s available and where we are at. Deacon loves table food – he will eat anything. I can’t put it fast enough on his plate- despite having ZERO teeth- he piles it in his mouth. I would say his favorites this month are bananas, blueberries, peas, carrots, chicken, and noodles.

Bedtime/Awake- Deacon sleeps 11-12 hours at night (7:30-6:45). He takes a small hour nap from 9:00-10:00 and then a 2/3 hours nap from around 1:00-4:00. Little buddy is a belly sleeper and rubs his blankets to self soothe. Despite my effort, he rejects the pacifier.  

Diapers- 3’s

Clothes- 9 month clothes, 9-12 months, 12 months

Dislikes- Deacon doesn’t like to be left out. He wants to be in the midst of everything and observe. He is learning to wait his turn, and this is a struggle. He sees something that Noah has and instantly wants it. We are learning the art of sharing. It’s already a battle- oh brother!

Likes- Despite not loving to share toys, Deacon loves sharing a room with his big brother. Most mornings I find them both at the end of their beds, looking at each other- giggling and making noise. Bath time is the best time in this house. If I even walk in the bathroom holding Deacon, he shrills with excitement in anticipation of the bath. His favorite bath toy is this play phone- he puts it to his ear and babbles. It’s stinking cute. Deacon loves all things electronic. IPhones, electrical cords, phone chargers- these are his favorite toys that we are constantly have to monitor.

Favorite memories of the month- Deacon is clapping, waving goodbye, army crawling (soon to normal crawl I think), and pinching like it’s his job. All these developmental milestones happened in a matter of days. It’s been so fun and exciting but also provided new challenges. Deacon’s personality is so different from our sweet Noah, and it has been such a wonderful time to get to know him and how God created his little mind to function. Home boy is no longer my little baby. I am now seeing my blue eyed, brown haired boy as this soon to be toddler full of energy and independence.

We have a greenbelt behind our neighborhood park and it’s been such a sweet time to take our family back there and explore. Big brother loves to jump off things and climb “mountains.” Deacon loves to go in the ergo on Matt’s back and pull tree branches. It’s so cute. Costco snacks are his new delight. Deacon has discovered that if brother is eating something- he should be too. We love going to Costco as a family and exploring all the treasures it has to offer (mainly the free samples). Our family of four is really starting to find its groove. For the first time, I feel like my head is above water and the stress level is manageable. Clem party of four is really a blast. I love living in a house of all boys! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Noah Says- Thoughts on Babies and My Favorite Color

I need to do work mom.

Last night we were at the dinner table, Noah looked at the picture of Matt, Deacon and himself right after I had Deacon. They were all together in the hospital snuggling in a chair. 
Noah-  "Look there is my daddy, Noah and Deacon." "Where were we?"
Me- “At the hospital”
Noah- “Oh ya, Deacon was sick.”
Me- “No, that’s when Mommy had Deacon. Do you remember when Deacon was in Mommy’s tummy?”
Noah- “ Yeah, was Noah in your tummy?”
Me- “Yes. 2.5 years ago.”
Noah- “You can get in my tummy and we will take your picture- put it on the wall."
" Look mom, see, here's my tummy.”
Noah then proceeds to pull up his shirt and point to his tummy. 

This morning, Noah looks at me as I’m getting my coffee ready and says “Mom, do you need a straw?”
I said, “Yes, thank you for reminding me”
He then asked me “what color- pink or green?”
I said- “yellow is my favorite color, can I have yellow?”
He said-“ no, you can have pink. pink is your favorite color.”

He looks proud to be an American if I do say so myself.

Who took my baby and left me with a bossy, witty, curious, and hilarious almost 3 year old?