Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Fun Facts

This is what happens when Daddy dresses Noah. The outfit matches but look at these socks!

I forgot to mention this in the last post- Noah is developing a dimple! I think it has always been there, but with the chub on the cheeks- it’s now really showing through. It’s on his right side and oh so cute!

I had to share this picture because this is one of my favorite things Noah does- stand on his tippy toes. I think it’s so precious.

Last but not least, Noah greeted me last night with clapping his hands as I walk through the door. My son makes me feel like a celebrity. It was heartwarming and soul melting!

Happy Thursday! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Pea in the Pod is 10 Months!

Weight/Length: 21 pounds and 28 ½ inches J - my growing boy!

Eating: Noah has chunked up this past month. We have had multiple people comment on it including our nanny who didn’t see him for a week and was shocked to see his weight gain and how much hair he had grown.  Noah drinks four to five bottles a day. I’m afraid we might have a little bit of a stubborn boy- he has to hold it by himself. He will quickly take it out of your hands if you try to hold the bottle for him.
The little nugget still loves solids. He is over the pureed food but completely bananas about eating finger food. Noah Walker goes to town when I put bite size pieces on his highchair tray. He loves black beans, rice, guacamole, PB&J pieces, pancakes, eggs, macaroni and cheese, noodles, and more. I cut up pieces of fruit and veggies for him as well. I make sure they are soft. He loves it. There isn’t much he will refuse hence the thunderous thighs and Santa belly.

Bedtime/ Awake:  He sleeps 12 hours a night. His bed time is anywhere between 7:30 to 8:30 p.m., and he usually wakes up around 7:30/8 a.m.  He stands up in his crib and just plays until you come get him. I am usually greeted by the cutest/sweetest smile when I walk in the room.
As for naps, Noah takes two a day. His first one is around 10 and it lasts until about 11:30/12. His next nap is about 2:30/3:30 and last until 4:30. It can differ between days, but he consistently takes two naps which is nice for mommy and daddy. It allows us to get household duties and work done around the house.

Diapers: He is in 3’s.

Clothes:  Homeboy is 9 month, 9-12 month, and 12 month clothes. At night, I’ve been putting him in pajama sweat pants and a t-shirt. He looks so grown up- it is crazy!

Favorites: Noah is 100% boy. He is constantly crawling over and under everything and monkeying around with daddy. He loves attention and eats up situations where all eyes are on him. Towards the end of his “wake” time, he gets needy and his favorite thing is to be held while I piddle around the house. He is my “housework assistant.” A new hobby this past month is to open and shut doors, cabinets, and drawers.  He loves to tip baskets, trashcans, or any container and find out what’s inside. (I swear it’s like having a little puppy- nothing is off limits). He has attachment to items which is new. His favorite items this month are his pacifier *nothing new there*, a blue blanket, and a red teddy bear. He will squeeze both his blanket and bear really tightly and squeal. It might be the cutest thing ever.  

Dislikes: Noah does not like to wear bibs. He yanks them off. He has to have his diaper changed while holding a toy. He does not like to have cloths put on him.. Noah doesn’t like to be told No. He is in love with our internet router behind the couch. He will pull it out with the most guilty look on his face and gets upset when we tell him no. He has a sensitive spirit.
Tricks: Noah is standing. He pulls away from the couch and stands for 10 to 20 seconds. No signs of steps, but I am in no rush for that. Noah drags toys, shoes, plastic containers all over the house. He likes to push items everywhere. He can do a summersault with assistance thanks to “Little Gym.” He knows how to head butt and does it to show affection. (I found out that Matt does this to him, so now Noah has picked up this habit as well). Noah can wave bye bye and clap his hands. He loves to bang his hands on all items. His favorite pastime is to take his block and bang it on the table. Matt calls Noah “peg leg.” The nugget carries around this block that makes noise and you can hear him coming from a mile away. It sounds like a peg leg walking down a hallway. It’s pretty hilarious. J It’s funny how little boys like blocks, trucks, and to get dirty.

Sidenote: I’m so glad God blessed us with an amazing little boy. I seriously couldn’t imagine life without him. He is a daily reminder of how great God’s sacrifice was when God sent His only Son to die for us. I am selfish. There is no way I’d send my 10 month old cutie to die for the crazies. 
Yes, these are mini doctor scrubs

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Play dates with His Favorites

In the past week, Noah has had two play dates – one with his best friend Kaleb and the other with his best buddy Hudson.

Last Saturday, the Baker’s were in town for a birthday party, so Matt and I had the opportunity/privilege to watch Kaleb while they went out to celebrate. The Baker’s came over before the party and hung out with us. It was so much fun to catch up, and we hope the Lord wills for them to move back to Austin! 

Noah hogging the toys. Spoiled child.

Goofy Buddies! Goofy faces!

Pacifier Pals!

I LOVE this boy! Look at these blue eyes!

Matt and I had a blast watching the both of them and got a glimpse of what it is like to have twins.

Now onto play date number 2....

On Thursday, I realized that the dentist appointments I had scheduled six months ago were not back to back but at the same time. This put us in quite the bind because Noah would be a DISASTER at the dentist. I quickly texted Amber to see if she would mind watching Noah for an hour, and she gladly/sweetly agreed. (Thanks again Amber and Karl’s dad). Here are the pictures of this play date at the Friedecks. Noah was EXHAUSTED after this. They wore each other out.  With both of them mobile, there was a lot of chasing, pacifier stealing, and scooting along couches. Noah also taught Hudson how to stand up and bang on doors. My child is a troublemaker!  Amber sent me these pictures- I'm obsessed! Enjoy! 

Double Trouble. 

Showing off their toys! :)

Why hellllloooo Noah! 

Can I pet you? 
Can't wait for more play dates with both these boys!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bad to the Bone

Enough said. No words needed.  
(Yes, he has his favorite bottle of shampoo TOY)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Noah

My Noah likes to take his clothes off while he sleeps. Earlier this week, I went to get him up in the morning and he had no pants on. Yesterday morning, I woke up and found this. Somehow he managed to get his arm out of his sleeve and chuck his mobile across the room. 

My Noah’s favorite toy right now is his travel size bottle of shampoo. He pushes it around everywhere. He sometimes tries to push the big shampoo around the room, but eventually it gets stuck or too heavy. (pictures to come)

My Noah is a crawling machine. He loves to crawl over and under anything. He recently tried to crawl up Matt’s leg on the couch to steal a bit of Matt’s ice cream sandwich.  

My Noah is still a pacifier baby and has recently shown interest in other pacifiers besides the green one. For a while, he was a pacifier snob. He was particular and only wanted one type. He now will use the others. This makes Matt so happy because we have a University of Texas pacifier given to us by Pops and Mimi. 

My Noah for the first time has shown a preference to mommy. I don’t know if you would call it separation anxiety, but when he is tired- Noah wants mommy. We were at a birthday party, and someone tried to sweetly hold him for me. Noah clung to me with a death grip and would not let go.

My Noah is stubborn. He does this thing that if he doesn’t want to sit or go somewhere- he will flail his legs and grunt. Oooo it makes Matt and I so frustrated. 

My Noah hates to have clothes put on or diaper changed the majority of the time. He doesn’t cry. He just immediately rolls over and tries to crawl away. It makes it very impossible to try to change him. Sometimes, we give up and let him roam in his diaper. 

Putting on a new diaper while he sits- impossible.

My Noah is a really good eater. I think he has chunked up even more this month. We took him to Chipotle on Thursday, and he loved the rice, beans, and tortilla pieces. He loves any type of food he can pick up and put in his mouth. I think he loves the independence. It makes going to restaurants fun because we don’t have to spoon feed him. He would much rather us put little pieces of food on the table for him so he can go to town.

My Noah is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” God “created his inmost being.” His frame was “not hidden” from Christ. His “eyes saw Noah’s unformed body.”  All Noah’s days “ordained for Christ were written in God’s book.”(Psalm 139) We pray that the Lord will be Noah’s Shepard and that Noah makes his faith his own at a young age. My Noah is my miracle. His ten toes and ten fingers are a testimony to God’s perfect design. I look at Noah, his little personality, his sweet little hands, and tiny little eyelashes and cannot deny that there is a perfect Creator. God, thank you for letting me experience the miracle of life. Thank you for sending your son to DIE for our sins that we might LIVE. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dinner with the Allens

Last Friday (yes, I am behind on posts), two of our good friends came in from Waco to eat dinner with us and enjoy some fellowship. I have known Stephen since the fifth grade. Yes, we have been friends for over 16 years. I had forgotten but in ninth grade, Stephen and I illegally picked wildflowers for a science project right by where we live now. Oh how times have changed! That was back when I was a  South Austin girl. Anyways, fast forward 8 years later, I met Leeann in our Dorm (SORO) at Baylor University. We then became sorority sisters, bear trail buddies, and later roommates for two years.

On a side note, I do also have one claim to fame in her marriage with Stephen. I was the MATCHMAKER. That’s right; sing me the song from Fiddler on the Roof because I made that business happen.  I told Stephen Leeann had a crush on him and the rest is history. Anyways, Caroline Nelson will try to claim it was her- but in all reality, it was me. Or maybe a little bit of both of us.

Here are some pictures to document our night. It was such a blessing to catch up with them. They are so much fun and Noah thought they were the best. We all came to the conclusion that we hope Stephen has a least one boy. He is so good with them! 

Oh hey Stephen! Look at my teeth!

Yes, I am just in my diaper. Spit Happens.

Aunt Leeann!!!!!

First time doing airplane- it was a hit!

Stephen, do I look as cool as you?

Happy weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Monday

It's Monday! Hope everybody is happy and safe! :) Can't get enough of this swimming nugget!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Way Past His Bedtime....

Old MacDonald and his friends
Matt and I both came to the conclusion yesterday that our lives would be very boring without this nugget. We chuckled as we asked ourselves, “If Noah wasn’t in Gods plans, what we would do with all our free time?”  I’m not joking when I say, Noah is our nightly entertainment and weekend plans.

Who me? Go to Bed?

Last night, we put Noah to bed at 7:30 and we heard him playing through the monitor like a wild man in his crib. He was a hooting and a hollering having the time of his life. He was standing up, banging on his crib, swinging his paci, and making sounds like a gorilla.  Although he’d been up for over four hours, Noah wasn’t ready for the party to stop and the parents to watch the Olympics without him. So, like the good parents we are, we took him out of his crib and allowed him stay up way past bedtime. We all sat in the living room laughing and playing with his toys.

Striped bum! I just eat up these cute PJ's! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

How Can You Not Love Baby Bums?

After a bath on Sunday, I decided to let Noah run “free.” 

He immediately stood up and went for the remote.

Nobody can deny.

This is the cutest bum. EVER.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cheerio King

In the Clem household, Noah rocks the cheerios. 

 Not only does he love to eat them….

 He loves to crawl over them with one cheerio stuck to his leg….

  He loves to play with them…

He loves to sport the one sock foot and the other with a cheerio…

And most of all, he loves to see how many he can gobble is his mouth…

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Post Pregnancy

I found this blog article that just put post pregnancy perfectly. Excuse the language – she is a little feisty. If you are pregnant and read this blog, you might want to hold off and read after you have the little nugget. It has a lot of wisdom, but it might give you a little scare.  If you read this and do get scared, rest assured, like 80% of women (yes, I made up that percentage while typing) have babies and survive the 10 things listed below. Also, you can always message me if you have questions and I will give you what little wisdom I have.


Watching these two play makes all the stuff written in the blog above worth it! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

40 weeks and a day!

Noah Walker, it will be official at 5:19 p.m. today. You will have been in this world as long as you were in my tummy. I can’t even begin to explain to you the joy you have brought to our lives. Every day you keep your mommy and daddy laughing, smiling, joking, and guessing. We never know what you will be up to next. As you can see in these pictures, your new favorite thing is to carry around a toy. Squiggy from Ice Age happens to be your BEST crawling buddy. You carry him around with you everywhere and chew on him when you need a break/ease the teething pain. Little dude, we can’t wait to see what the next 40 weeks and a day will bring this little family. You are a miracle- God is so good. We love you!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Pea in a Pod is 9 months old

He was not sitting still for any of these pictures. 

Weight/Length : Noah is 18 and a half pounds. He is 27.5 inches long. The doctor says he looks perfect.

Hi Mom. No pictures for this boy. I'm crawling.

Eating: Noah drinks milk every 3 to 4 hours. We feed him solids 2-4 times a day. It just depends on what we are doing that day. He’s a great eater and not picky at all. I think his favorite new treat is getting two or three little tiny bites of mommy’s nightly ice cream. He gets so excited when he sees my mug of “Blue Bell Christmas Cookie in July” and instantly pulls up on my leg, stands, and talks to me until he gets his share. I wish I could take back all the sweets I ate while I was pregnant. It seems Noah has inherited my sweet tooth.
Where'd your pants go crazy kid?!?
Bedtime/ Awake:  This is my favorite new development for Noah now that we have moved into a two bedroom apartment. Noah sleeps anywhere from 12 to 13.5 hours a night. We put him down between 7 and 7:30. He will sleep until 8 or 8:30. He has dropped the little morning cat nap and just takes two naps during the day. These two naps last about an hour.
Call me MAYBE?

Diapers: He is in 3’s. I think we will be here for a while.
My Walking Buddy that Moved to South Carolina. Had to document before she left. Noah LOVES Brittany!

Clothes: He is in 6 month, 6-9 months, 6-12 months, or 9 month outfits. It really all depends on the brand and what type of outfit. A lot of his 6 month sleepers have gotten too small, but the little short sleeve outfits fit fine. 
Favorites: Noah is a crawling machine. He loves to crawl from couch to couch and pull up. He is very attached to mommy these days- definitely more separation anxiety. He is my shadow and will follow me from room to room. He wants his mom to be on the floor playing with him at all times.
My new favorite lantern from Nana!
Noah loves cheerios- Pops introduced these to him and he has been a cheerio addict ever since. With brain development and hand-eye coordination, Noah is now a lover of all interactive toys. Some of the songs on these toys have already gotten old because we listen to them over and over again. His favorite truck as of late is this wagon with animals that make noises and sing.  He also loves this singing lantern his Nana gave him.
My sweet boy. His eyes look brown here- but in real life- still bluish green.
Noah has also graduated from mini tub to big tub. We do baths every night now with the “crawling knees” he develops-they get DIRTY. I put some bath toys in the tub that Nana gave us a while back and he is obsessed.
Toys, toys, toys, toys

Dislikes: Noah doesn’t like when mommy won’t hold him on demand. He doesn’t like to have his diaper changed unless he is holding a toy. He is almost impossible to change these days because he instantly tries to roll over.  He doesn’t like to get his face wiped.
Can I help you cook mom? PUH-LEASE!
Tricks: On July 23rd, Noah had his first tooth break through. We have been waiting for this forever, so it was so exciting to actually feel and see a little pearl in his mouth. He can pinch and put his food in his mouth. Noah crawls and pulls on legs when he wants to be held. He is VERY verbal. I think as a first and only child, he is constantly mimicking Matt and me. He is saying “BA, GA, DA, MA, UH, AH, EH, and MEOW.” Noah’s hair is growing rapidly. It’s so cute. He has this hair that grows over his ears- we call him Benjamin Franklin. He looks like an old man.

*Matt added the meow. Sorry this post is so late. We just moved in and work has picked up. My time has been limited. 

We feel so blessed to raise this little wonder. He continues to make us laugh everyday! :)

Big boy feeding himself!