Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday and Standing Up at Nana's in Virginia

This is the final post from our Virginia adventure. Looking back, this last minute trip was a blast. I’m all about planning, but sometimes it is nice to throw a wrench in life and do something crazy. Crazy for the Clem’s meant flying to Virginia with little planning and packing.

Sunday morning we went to Fireside Church with Matt’s family plus Adam. It was a great sermon and a wonderful church. They even announced at the beginning of the service about a trip the church was taking to Zambia- a place near a dear to Matt and my heart. It was a wonderful Sunday Service and you bet your bottom dollar I treated myself to the complimentary doughnuts. Delicious.

After the sermon, we took some pictures. J

4 Generations of Clem Men

The Whole Crew minus Adam who took the picture!

Matt, Noah, and I then headed to Nana’s house for Matt’s birthday celebration,  Laurie’s famous-amazing apple pie, and play time at her new apartment. Everybody had a blast. Noah was being such a ham. He loved all the attention from Nana, Andy, and Deb. 

Sure Nana, I'll help you clean the oven. (It wasn't on, don't worry!)

Noah and his favorite Nana

Playing Peek a Boo around the corner

That night, he stood up by himself for the very first time. He was holding my leg and just let go. It was a blessing to experience a first with some of Matt’s family. It will be a moment I will never forget. It was so strange seeing my little baby standing. I can’t even imagine him WALKING!

Andy has an amazing camera and took some great shots of Noah and Nana. I look like a scrub in these, so don’t judge me. I am a girl that love t-shirts. 
We can’t wait for the next visit in the fall. We already miss everybody so much.

The standing

Hi buddy!

My FAVORITE shot! Love my boy so much!

 Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Owen, Friends, and Fun in Virginia

Here is the second post about our Virginia trip two weeks ago. Matt and I had the opportunity/joy/privilege to see precious baby Owen and his parents while on our long weekend getaway. This little nugget is super cute and is the spitting image of his daddy when he sleeps and mommy when his eyes are awake. Owen David is such a good combination and a great little boy. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving when the two can interact again.

Uncle Matty and Baby Owen

Aunt Judi and the Nugget

Sweet picture of the boys with the Clem siblings!

We also were able to have a cookout at Pops and Mimi’s while we were in Virginia. This was such a blast. Matt’s family and college best friends came over for food and games. There were hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, and cookies. Dinner was delicious and  this cookout was probably one of my favorite memories of the trip. I love Matt’s friends-especially Shawn’s wife Ashley, so I was so stoked to get to see her!  
Matt's Grandma (Noah's Great Grandma) 

Mimi and Noah- obviously this nugget can eat. Notice the trend of these pictures.

Aunt Lauren and Noah.

After eating all the goods, a bunch of us headed out to play some volleyball. It was really evenly matched teams and so fun. Both Matt and I woke up so sore the next morning. I haven’t played in forever. I so wanted to relive my high school glory days of setting, but realized that getting it over the net was much more of an accomplishment for me now.

Radford boys!

Radford boys with two cute wives and the nugget.

Matt and best friend Shawn. Love this picture!

Uncle Adam and Noah- besties.

Overall, this trip was a total blessing.
One more post to come!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Funny Farm Virginia

I keep debating whether to do this in one post, two posts, or three posts for the sake of not having picture overload on this little blog. I’m going to go for three posts. I think that will insure that y’all aren’t overwhelmed and I’ll stay sane.  I can only be witty on my picture captions so many times in one post.

Anywhooooo, Matt and I decided three weeks ago (yes, last minute planning) that it was time to head to Virginia for a long weekend.  Noah hadn’t met so many important people in our lives and waiting until Thanksgiving was just too long.

Noah’s Pops and Mimi live on a farm, so y’all will notice the theme of this post. Noah experienced animals to a new level in Virginia. The nugget met his first cat, goat, horse, chicken, rooster, John Deere (oh wait, not an animal), and polar bear (oh wait, Bentley is just a White Mastiff  Great Pyrenees). 

Noah and his new best friend Maxine- seriously the sweetest cat ever besides Rascal. Noah was obsessed! Miles, don't blame us if she goes missing.

ATV experience for Noah! Mimi to the rescue - Noah wasn't really digging the ride.
Great Grandpa, Noah, and Matty!

Noah with Pops- Matt's Dad
Homeboy's new obsession- CHEERIOS! :) He was popping these  like it was his job! 
Pops and Noah on the John Deere- obviously pros. Noah wasn't too thrilled. I haven't told the blog this but Noah hates load noises like vacuums, blenders, coffee grinders, etc. The noise of the Deere scared him.

Noah and "Clyde" (Named after Great Grandpa's Mule)- Noah loved this little pony. It was so cute!

Lions and Tigers and Polar Bears OH MY!

Have a wonderful weekend- more to come!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

People Lately

There is so much for me to catch up on, but I wanted to post a couple pictures of some special people we have seen lately! 

This was in June (overdue picture) but Sophie is a day younger than Noah. 1st Cousins Once (Maybe Twice?) Removed! 

Want a hug?

Cute babies!

Boys at the Fourth of July!

Beach Babes! Noah was tuckered out by this.

My best friend since fifth grade! Fun pool time about two weeks ago!
 Virginia pictures to come!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some New Things about Me- Written by Noah

Feed me now mommy!

I like to rest my head on my mom’s shoulder when I’m tired or feeling shy.

My favorite new hobby is spitting. I will spit at all times. My dad says it’s an expression of happiness. My mom says it's ok, as long as it is not out of disobedience- then I’m in trouble.

I crawl like a maniac. I go from room to room and reach up when I want to be held.

I'm pulling up on anything and everything! It's fun.

Caught pushing the button!

I have to eat when my mom’s eating. If she is chewing on something, I need a bite of it too.

I love all finger foods I can put in my mouth; I also hold my bottle like a champ- I can even tilt it at the right angle.

I am Mr. Personality. I love people. I need attention or ELSE! 

I'm trying to perfect the clap. I do more of the rolling motion instead. My mom is working on it with me.

I'm VERY ticklish and love to laugh while others laugh. 

I DIG my new soft toe kicks my Grammy gave me. 

My new kicks!

Monday, July 9, 2012

22, 23, 24...there is more?

At age 22 Matt was doing this....

At age 23 we found out about this...

we had this...

And we became this..

At age 24, I’m sure there will be more…I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes us and how He shapes us! Happy 24th Birthday Matthew! We love you!

This boy is REALLY excited about Daddy's B-DAY!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Party in the G-town

Matt and I wanted to visit the Baker’s in College Station back in the Spring after Kaleb was born, but between my busy tax season, Matt’s school work , Ashley’s job and Luke’s school work, we never had the opportunity. Matt and I decided that once summer hit and things slowed down, we would head to Dallas- Garland to be specific to visit them and other friends that reside in the Dallas area.

Ashley and I decided to have a little last minute get together Friday night and invite a bunch of college girlfriends plus spouse over for a potluck. It was a success- great food and fellowship. Tacos, cream corn, fruit, and brownies- you can’t go wrong!

Group picture minus Kim Kuhl and the husbands.

Love them mucho!!!
Sharmada and Kaleb- cute!!!!!

Giving a big ol' kiss to Aunt Alli! Kimmie just watching the  PDA in action.
On Saturday, we let the boys (Noah and Kaleb) play. They were very interactive and so much fun to watch.

These two (Kaleb and Matt) get some quality time at last!

Happy Boys!

After lots of playing, we all headed to the Dallas Farmer’s market to check out the the fresh produce and other random goods. The fruit was so fresh. I had some of the best nectarines and pineapple I’ve ever had. We left having all had our daily fruit/vegetable requirements. There was so much to taste.

Before we left, Noah once again grabs his ear!

Happy Kaleb- Grumpy Noah at the market!

Kaleb- Hey dude! This is fun!
Noah- No dude! I hate corn.

We requested a taste of Dallas from the Baker’s for dinner. They took us to Desperado’s to have the Desperado tacos. They were DELICIOUS.

Overall, it was such a fun, successful weekend. Next time we head back up there, I’d like to have more time with all the people that live in Dallas! A day in a half was just not long enough. Plus, I didn't get enough group pictures! 

Peace, Love, and Corn,