Monday, July 23, 2012

Owen, Friends, and Fun in Virginia

Here is the second post about our Virginia trip two weeks ago. Matt and I had the opportunity/joy/privilege to see precious baby Owen and his parents while on our long weekend getaway. This little nugget is super cute and is the spitting image of his daddy when he sleeps and mommy when his eyes are awake. Owen David is such a good combination and a great little boy. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving when the two can interact again.

Uncle Matty and Baby Owen

Aunt Judi and the Nugget

Sweet picture of the boys with the Clem siblings!

We also were able to have a cookout at Pops and Mimi’s while we were in Virginia. This was such a blast. Matt’s family and college best friends came over for food and games. There were hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, and cookies. Dinner was delicious and  this cookout was probably one of my favorite memories of the trip. I love Matt’s friends-especially Shawn’s wife Ashley, so I was so stoked to get to see her!  
Matt's Grandma (Noah's Great Grandma) 

Mimi and Noah- obviously this nugget can eat. Notice the trend of these pictures.

Aunt Lauren and Noah.

After eating all the goods, a bunch of us headed out to play some volleyball. It was really evenly matched teams and so fun. Both Matt and I woke up so sore the next morning. I haven’t played in forever. I so wanted to relive my high school glory days of setting, but realized that getting it over the net was much more of an accomplishment for me now.

Radford boys!

Radford boys with two cute wives and the nugget.

Matt and best friend Shawn. Love this picture!

Uncle Adam and Noah- besties.

Overall, this trip was a total blessing.
One more post to come!

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