Friday, July 20, 2012

Funny Farm Virginia

I keep debating whether to do this in one post, two posts, or three posts for the sake of not having picture overload on this little blog. I’m going to go for three posts. I think that will insure that y’all aren’t overwhelmed and I’ll stay sane.  I can only be witty on my picture captions so many times in one post.

Anywhooooo, Matt and I decided three weeks ago (yes, last minute planning) that it was time to head to Virginia for a long weekend.  Noah hadn’t met so many important people in our lives and waiting until Thanksgiving was just too long.

Noah’s Pops and Mimi live on a farm, so y’all will notice the theme of this post. Noah experienced animals to a new level in Virginia. The nugget met his first cat, goat, horse, chicken, rooster, John Deere (oh wait, not an animal), and polar bear (oh wait, Bentley is just a White Mastiff  Great Pyrenees). 

Noah and his new best friend Maxine- seriously the sweetest cat ever besides Rascal. Noah was obsessed! Miles, don't blame us if she goes missing.

ATV experience for Noah! Mimi to the rescue - Noah wasn't really digging the ride.
Great Grandpa, Noah, and Matty!

Noah with Pops- Matt's Dad
Homeboy's new obsession- CHEERIOS! :) He was popping these  like it was his job! 
Pops and Noah on the John Deere- obviously pros. Noah wasn't too thrilled. I haven't told the blog this but Noah hates load noises like vacuums, blenders, coffee grinders, etc. The noise of the Deere scared him.

Noah and "Clyde" (Named after Great Grandpa's Mule)- Noah loved this little pony. It was so cute!

Lions and Tigers and Polar Bears OH MY!

Have a wonderful weekend- more to come!

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