Friday, July 6, 2012

Party in the G-town

Matt and I wanted to visit the Baker’s in College Station back in the Spring after Kaleb was born, but between my busy tax season, Matt’s school work , Ashley’s job and Luke’s school work, we never had the opportunity. Matt and I decided that once summer hit and things slowed down, we would head to Dallas- Garland to be specific to visit them and other friends that reside in the Dallas area.

Ashley and I decided to have a little last minute get together Friday night and invite a bunch of college girlfriends plus spouse over for a potluck. It was a success- great food and fellowship. Tacos, cream corn, fruit, and brownies- you can’t go wrong!

Group picture minus Kim Kuhl and the husbands.

Love them mucho!!!
Sharmada and Kaleb- cute!!!!!

Giving a big ol' kiss to Aunt Alli! Kimmie just watching the  PDA in action.
On Saturday, we let the boys (Noah and Kaleb) play. They were very interactive and so much fun to watch.

These two (Kaleb and Matt) get some quality time at last!

Happy Boys!

After lots of playing, we all headed to the Dallas Farmer’s market to check out the the fresh produce and other random goods. The fruit was so fresh. I had some of the best nectarines and pineapple I’ve ever had. We left having all had our daily fruit/vegetable requirements. There was so much to taste.

Before we left, Noah once again grabs his ear!

Happy Kaleb- Grumpy Noah at the market!

Kaleb- Hey dude! This is fun!
Noah- No dude! I hate corn.

We requested a taste of Dallas from the Baker’s for dinner. They took us to Desperado’s to have the Desperado tacos. They were DELICIOUS.

Overall, it was such a fun, successful weekend. Next time we head back up there, I’d like to have more time with all the people that live in Dallas! A day in a half was just not long enough. Plus, I didn't get enough group pictures! 

Peace, Love, and Corn,

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