Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some New Things about Me- Written by Noah

Feed me now mommy!

I like to rest my head on my mom’s shoulder when I’m tired or feeling shy.

My favorite new hobby is spitting. I will spit at all times. My dad says it’s an expression of happiness. My mom says it's ok, as long as it is not out of disobedience- then I’m in trouble.

I crawl like a maniac. I go from room to room and reach up when I want to be held.

I'm pulling up on anything and everything! It's fun.

Caught pushing the button!

I have to eat when my mom’s eating. If she is chewing on something, I need a bite of it too.

I love all finger foods I can put in my mouth; I also hold my bottle like a champ- I can even tilt it at the right angle.

I am Mr. Personality. I love people. I need attention or ELSE! 

I'm trying to perfect the clap. I do more of the rolling motion instead. My mom is working on it with me.

I'm VERY ticklish and love to laugh while others laugh. 

I DIG my new soft toe kicks my Grammy gave me. 

My new kicks!

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  1. Such a precious bubba!! We can't wait to see y'all again :).