Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Senora and Baseball Player!


more pics to come plus 1 year blog post. i've been slacking....

Friday, October 26, 2012

Smash Cake

Matt and I decided to give the cake smash another try since the last attempt was a Noah meltdown city. This time around- it was a success. He went to town on that sucker and loved every moment. Well, until Matt pushed it in his face- twice. Oh dad, why do you like to stir up trouble? Matt and I both had a lot of fun watching Noah enjoy his birthday cake. I think he loves sweets like his mama. 

Yes Please.

Frosting Mustache

Big Bite

Best Cake Ever!

Yum. Yum. (Little does he know what Dad is gearing up to do)

DADDDDDDDDDDDDDY! That wasn't nice!

Happy Friday! Tomorrow the Nugget Turns 1!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Round #1

Two of my best friends plus their husbands surprised us and came down to celebrate Noah’s birthday. I just can’t stop looking at these pictures. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by these two families who love Jesus and love my son.  Leeann and Ashley encourage and inspire me. They went above and beyond with this little celebration- something I will never forget. Noah’s first birthday was a blast. 

Little Dood and His Cake
Trying to Reassure Him To Dig In!

Yes, This is for you! I won't take it away. 

My sweet girlfriends and the boys!

Opening gifts! Leeann gave Noah corduroy pants and a shirt with a penguin. SO CUTE!

Stephen building Noah the bike the Bakers gave him. Stephen was trying to make a peace offering with the birthday boy. Last time they hung out, there was some bad beef between the two of them. :) P.S. Look at my son's belly I die. It's so cute!

Aunt Leeann and the Diaper Dood!

Baby in a box. I love this. All Stephen's idea...naturally.  Kaleb tolerated it too. Couldn't believe it. Boys are hilarious!

The two girls that bless me so much! 

This might be one of those pictures that you are like OK  Natalie. Why? This is the first picture that I've ever seen where I think Noah and I look alike. I might be slightly more than obsessed. 

More to come! We did another cake smash test on Tuesday. He actually enjoyed it- I'll load the pictures tomorrow!  Happy Thursday! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

When You Give a Baby an Apple Core...

 (Mom will monitor closely.)

He will go to town.

 He will crisscross his feet.

He will give you the biggest grins ever.

He will love mommy's kisses. 

He will share a bite. 

He will love EVERY minute of it (well, until you take it away). 

Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Fun Just Keeps Coming!

Recently Noah has been cracking us up.

Homeboy makes this whistling noise as he walks and plays with toys. It’s SO cute!

He has added a fifth word to his vocabulary. It is a mixture between gock, doke, and doge. We figured out he is trying to say dog.

If you bark at Noah with an “arf”, he will bark back- sounds more like a whine.

Noah mimics everything. I blow on his pancakes, he blows on his pancakes. If I put a lid on his bottle, he wants to take it off and put the lid back on. He saw me putting make up on, took my mascara out of my bag, and touched it to my cheek.

The little nugget tries to take the caps off everything just so he can put them back on. He recently figured out the purpose of a drain stop in the bathtub. He will pull it out and put it back in for a good 10 minutes.

Matt was working on his bike Monday night, and after Matt was done- Noah took the bike tool and started working on it as well. He would hold the tool correctly, put it on the bike wheel, and act like he was spinning the wheel to get it back aligned.

You never know what will be Noah’s favorite toy for the day. Two weeks ago, he would carry around a phone charger everywhere- even to the mail box. Last Saturday, he carried a USB driver with him everywhere. I like to call him our “collector.”

He gives the best bear hugs ever. The Pediatrician even commented on what a snuggler we have.

Noah loves all things furry. He snuggles all his stuff animals (which he has an ark of them), and he will kiss all the animals in his book called “Puppies and Kittens.”

I love this age. I just eat him up. Every day he does something that amazes me. It’s crazy how God created little brains to process and mimic. Noah loves and shows affection. He smiles when he is happy and pouts when he can’t have his way. When I look at Noah and his little heart, I see God’s unique design in him. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My almost 1 year old. 

Every mom loves a boy in overalls.

This little man melted my heart tonight.

He gave me kisses, fed me cheerios, and put himself to bed.

I feel like I have done something right tonight.

It might be that I'm still soaking up the slobbery kisses.

Happy Hump Day!

Look mom a leaf!

Picked up his pet rock for the night.

Offering it to Daddy. 

Noah was not too sure about the dirt.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little Gym with His Best Bud Booger

Last Friday, these two best buddies went to Little Gym together. It was amazing. Noah has been so timid the last two times we attended, and he really had no inhibitions this time.  It was so fun to see Amber and Hudson there- Hudson was a stud on the bars. I think the teacher was impressed how developed Hudson (a.k.a Booger) is for being 8 months. We can’t wait to go again with them. Enjoy the pictures below! 

Hudson macking on Samantha. Noah loving on mommy. 

Tag. Hudson's it! These boys were all over the place.

Air Tram. Noah was terrified last time of this thing. With Hudson there, he loved it! Hudson was fearless!

C'mon Noah. Crawl FASTER!

Hudson watching Noah go head first down the mat- not a good idea. 

These boys were always watching eachother! I think Noah is checking out the dog on Hudson's behind in this one.


Breakfast afterwards- pancake domination from both boys!!

Love this picture of Grammy, Noah, and me! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mt. Bonnell

Recently, we took a trip to Mt. Bonnell.! We loved the beautiful fall weather. No words needed on this post.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Little Gym

A couple months ago, my mom mentioned to me that she found a little treat in Austin that would suit my little nugget perfectly. On the days I am home with Noah, I try to do an activity or two with him to get all his bundled up energy out. My mom had found just the trick. I tried it out- and it tuckers homeboy out. It’s called “Little Gym,” and it’s amazing. It is all mommy/daddy interactive activities that involve bars, balance beams, tunnels, ramps, bubbles, balls, bells, and more. We have started going regularly now that my busy season is over, and it seriously is one of the highlights of my week. These pictures below are from two weeks ago when Matt’s mom was in town. Amber (Hudson’s mom) came today, and she is going to send me over some new pictures. I will post those later.









Happy weekend!