Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Shenanigans

Picture Noah rolling out of bed- chipper as ever with the biggest smile on his face and a hundred questions ready. ( Let's be honest-this is every morning).

Mom, what are we going to this summer?

(In all reality, I didn't have this answer ready at the time, but I am proud to say I think our list of adventures is pretty impressive/aswesome) 

So here we go...

We will explore parks - no shirts needed

Swim until our toes are wrinkled and our hair looks a little green while sporting a little crack. (cutest bum bum ever).

Nap.....but really guys, when is the last time you were this tired? 


Hold on for our dear lives as mom drives.....

Eat Macaroni n Cheese like champions and need baths immediately afterwards

Drive tractors and pull sweet brothers

Wash Cars on our tippy-toes

And look like studs while doing so! 

The End.

P.S.-I can't believe it's almost August. How can summer be almost over?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Noah's Thoughts on Wedding Pics, Soup, and Other Things

First time Babysitter-Noah really has a lot to say. He was showing me your wedding pictures. He told me that he wasn’t in them because he was a twinkle in your eye.
Me- Oh wow. I didn’t know he was really listening when he asked a couple months ago.
Noah- But Mom- I was a twinkle in your eye. Remember? I remember when I was.

Noah- When will Bruiser be an adult?
Matt- Soon, we will consider him adult in a couple months
Noah- When will I be an adult?
Me- 16 or 18 or never (tear- he will always be my baby)
Noah- Maybe 16. That’s’ right- then I’ll have brown eyes like you mom.

Please note his shorts- his clothes right now are 89% of the time backwards, inside out or Deacon's. We always talk about the tie going in the front. Hard concept- I know. When asked if we can help or fix it, Mr. Independent responds...I like it this way.

Noah- Mom, I had a dream about a naughty witch with a grumpy attitude.

Noah- I’ve made you some grass soup.
(I’m outside with him and brother- looking at water and grass in a bowl)
Me- That looks delicious. What’s in it?
Noah- I put small cheerios but now I need to make them bigger.

Noah- If I build a door for the pumpkin house (we tell lots of stories right now), I will have to go get some knobbins.
Me- you mean door knobs?
Noah- Yeah and white paint too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Deacon Matthew - 20 Months!

Weight/Length- 28 pounds- not sure about height- he’s right around the 30/35 percentile for both weight and height.

Eating- Noodle and Juice/Smoothie machine. We started doing smoothies and keeping juice around the house this summer (oh so good with our 100 degree weather). Deacon is now obsessed. We put the good stuff in it like chia and flax seeds. It’s a great way to add things like nutrients and vitamins to his diet without him fully recognizing what he’s digesting- spinach is a must in each smoothie. We call him Deak-a-roni and the name fits his other obsession perfectly. Homeboy loves mac n’ cheese, meat spaghetti, and anything out there that contains noodles. It’s a messy obsession- we have found macaroni in his hair many of times- not my favorite but hey!

Deacon is picky about certain foods, but if I offer variety- I have found he does a lot better. The key is having time to offer variety- causes for a lot more planning on my side.  Other favorite foods- berries, corn, carrots, peas, fruit bites, raisins, yogurt covered pretzels, hot dogs, certain salads and chocolate milk.

Bedtime/Awake- Deacon sleeps from 8pm-7am. There is usually a 2/3 hour nap in the afternoon. We try to wear him out in the mornings so that he’s ready to go down around 1/1:30.  

Diapers- 4’s

 Clothes- Deacon is in 18/2T for clothes.

Dislikes- Sharing with kids his age has become a little more difficult this month. He has no problem if they are smaller or bigger- it’s just the kids Deacon thinks he can boss around. We are working through it. He’s a feisty little bulldog. I should say- he doesn’t always love sharing with his brother. Deacon wanted the baseball bat this past weekend to hit a ball off the tee- Noah let him have his turn and then wanted his own. Deacon was not OK with that- he proceeded to tackle him to the ground from a full on sprint and then bite him as hard as possible. It ended in a timeout and some tears from Noah, but we quickly found that they both forgot about it and played together nicely the rest of the day.  We were laughing in the background but won’t let them know that until they are a lot older.

We have had some stranger danger. He gets this look and death grip when meeting new people sometimes. I think he assumes I am going to head to work so he tries to cling and not make eye contact. Deak hopes this will keep them away.

Likes- This boy loves to play in water. We have been swimming in our baby pool a lot lately. He gets really excited when we pull out the hose. He is a big motor/vehicle/transportation person- anything that has wheels or engine gets him super excited. We realized it was a sad day when Deacon could say most vehicle names but couldn’t do all but two animals noises. #secondchildproblems Deacon loves to climb. He is fearless and crazy. He will jump off anything if homeboy thinks somebody will catch him. Bruises are a common war wound at our house.

Deacon loves to read books- his two favorites are the Little Engine that Could and Road Work. We have read them probably 1000 times. His favorite songs are the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Our God by Veggie Tales. Deacon loves to watch music videos and dance. Turn Up For What edited version might be his favorite to really boogie down to. It’s amazing.

One of his favorite daily activities is to put Matt’s shoes away. He loves shoes. Deacon pulls them out of our closets all day long and scampers around the house in them. It’s hilarious.  

Favorite memories- I tell people all the time that we needed a Deacon- we seriously didn’t know what our family was missing until he joined our crazy crew November 2, 2013.  Our family was not complete without the little snuggle bug daredevil. Deak is strong willed and courageous. He has made me have to restyle my parenting techniques and tested my patience beyond the limits but I’m so thankful. I could not imagine life without him. He does the best booty scoot to sit in my lap- which he could do all day. Deacon does the best squeal of excitement when I get home from a long day at work. Deacon offers so much love to our house- I’ve never seen a bear hug between brothers like the Clem boys do. My favorite memories over this past month are the ones where Matt and I steal some “one on one” time with him at night. Noah will be exhausted and Deacon will still be riled up come 8 pm. We will bring Deacon into our bed and just hang out. It’s so sweet but his love bucket just overflows with laughs and smiles. Second kids sometimes get lost in the midst of the chaos, so this time is great to just pour into him.

We have seen a lot of two word sentences lately which is awesome. When the dots start to connect and communication improves- everybody is happy. He’s learning and absorbing all day long. Can’t wait to see what next month brings! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Noah Says Zoo Pictures Edition

Playing in the back yard…
Noah- Mom, I need water to help my breath. So I’m not sweaty-very cute and nice.
Me- blank stare
…… hand him the water

While putting on his blue jean shorts…
Noah- Look mom, my knees match the ocean.

Snacking on popcorn after long Saturday naps for both boys
Me- Deacon, careful with that popcorn. 
Noah- Yeah. Mom JUUUUSSTTTT vacuumed. (I guess he’s heard that enough times.)

I really try not to micromanage but popcorn kernels are the WORST. Amen?

Packing up to go swimming with friends and he has put his own swim trunks on - ready to leave ( swim trunks are not easy- those mesh underwear are tricky).
Noah- MOM COME SEE THIS QUICK!  We gotta go or we miss the show.   

Michael Jordan tongue anybody?

Very seriously….
Noah- Mom, I think your phone has a fever.

(He was playing a game while driving and it started to get hot from all the activity a.k.a. Lego junior game) 

Pictures provided by nanny who took them to the zoo on Wednesday! These brothers are the best PS! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Noah Says A Lot Edition

Noah- I ask a lot of questions.  (If you know this child, you are already chuckling- he asks a MILLION)
Me- Who told you that?
Noah- You just know. Don’t you know mom?

Me- Noah, your job is to protect your brother. (Lifelong principle we are trying to instill as we have had a couple instances of bullying with playground kids)
Noah- Yeah mom-of course. Your job is to control me so Deacon and me don’t fight.

Our new obsession is with Magnatiles (best toy ever- like for real)  I’m trying to help him build a house for his toy motorcycle and Lego family.
Noah looks at me really seriously-“mom, this Magnatile house is VERY expensive to me.”

Me- Noah, are you sick? (As he is having a coughing spell)
Noah- No, just have a kazoo in my throat. You know, the kazoo cough?

I didn’t realize how many of these Noah says gems I had stored up over the past month. I have a couple more posts to follow over the next week. This 3 almost 4 year old CRACKS me up.

I will also post Deacon’s 20 month update and some new finds that have made our lives easier as two working parents. 

(Remember that time I labeled a blog post..Noah says Bike Addition? Wow, let's talk about how it should have been Edition and I was either sleep deprived or losing my mind.) It's now been updated. YIKES ON BIKES!