Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Noah Says A Lot Edition

Noah- I ask a lot of questions.  (If you know this child, you are already chuckling- he asks a MILLION)
Me- Who told you that?
Noah- You just know. Don’t you know mom?

Me- Noah, your job is to protect your brother. (Lifelong principle we are trying to instill as we have had a couple instances of bullying with playground kids)
Noah- Yeah mom-of course. Your job is to control me so Deacon and me don’t fight.

Our new obsession is with Magnatiles (best toy ever- like for real)  I’m trying to help him build a house for his toy motorcycle and Lego family.
Noah looks at me really seriously-“mom, this Magnatile house is VERY expensive to me.”

Me- Noah, are you sick? (As he is having a coughing spell)
Noah- No, just have a kazoo in my throat. You know, the kazoo cough?

I didn’t realize how many of these Noah says gems I had stored up over the past month. I have a couple more posts to follow over the next week. This 3 almost 4 year old CRACKS me up.

I will also post Deacon’s 20 month update and some new finds that have made our lives easier as two working parents. 

(Remember that time I labeled a blog post..Noah says Bike Addition? Wow, let's talk about how it should have been Edition and I was either sleep deprived or losing my mind.) It's now been updated. YIKES ON BIKES!

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