Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Noah Says Summer Edition

Noah- I want to be a doctor like Ops. People call him Dr. Ops.
Matt- Oh yeah?
Noah- I want to take care of men when I am a man.
Matt- That is a urologist.
Noah-……. blank stare……

Noah- Mom, where can I sit so my bum bum doesn’t get cold? (as he is putting his clothes on while sitting on the tile)
Me- Just sit in the chair or on the carpet
Noah- No mom, I like a cold bum bum

Matt- Noah, can I have a bite of that?
Noah- Daddy, buddddy- do you know the rule? We don’t share germs.

Afternoon snack time- I hand him is water and a snack.
Noah- I’ve been waiting on this for years.

Every time he finds a quarter.

Mom, I’m saving this money to give to Jesus. 

Noah- Mom, can you comb my hair for me? I want to look very nice so I can dance very hard. (This is conversation is taking place while Matt and Deacon are having a dance party in the other room).

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  1. Love his personality. I can't wait to get Hudson and him together again :).