Thursday, February 28, 2013

16 months

Already palming the ball, watch out Kobe and Lebron....
Noah Walker, my big buddy and little dood, you are 16 months old- I can't believe it. You have grown up so much this past month.

This month you became a big lap sitter. You have always loved to read books, but this month, you have to sit in my lap to read or else you throw the book down or shut it immediately. The funny thing is you haven't figured out how to back scoot into my lap. You try to sit facing me and then turn around- which doesn't work so well. I love it.

Watermelon might be your favorite food ever. We have seen some crazy temper tantrums when you have finished a slice and we have to take it away. It's alright though because you immediately start to perk up when we pull out another slice from the bag.

Teething teething teething. You have been busy at work. I count 9 right now. They haven't come all the way down, but you are a mouth full of swollen gums and have had fevers to show for it.

You still love to be outside and could push your toy giraffe trike all around the courtyard for hours. Mommy and Daddy just watch you and let you get ALL that energy out.

Noah, you think you are hilarious. You have started to do things or say things and then just chuckle to yourself with an "I'm so funny" laugh and grin. We eat it up. You provide so much joy in this household.

I died laughing this month when I caught you trying to put my bobby pin back in my hair. I said thank you and then you pointed to your head- like what about me?  I put it in your hair and that's when I knew it was time for a haircut. You didn't look like a Noah- you looked like a Noelle. Yikes.

As for words,  some of the new ones this month are "oh gosh", "ok", "yeshhh", "juicccce", "milkkkk", "gaga" (bird), "knee", and "baba" (bottle).  I know there are more, but that's all I can whip out right now.

You know so much. We can give you all sorts of commands like bring me a book, go sit down, throw this away for me, where is your _____? and you will go find whatever we ask for, you know sorts of body parts, and my favorite- you blow big kisses. Grammy taught you that this week. I melt when you smack your lips and throw your hands out.

Noah, you are my sunshine. Although I have seen far too many neck fling backs and body meltdowns because of the single word "no", I still love you. I realize that you are testing the boundaries and learning what you can and cannot do.  I have seen your first restaurant meltdown and lots of fake crying to get your way. Your daddy and I have concluded that you are very opinionated. We like to call it the only child syndrome. Some like to call it the terrible twos. I think it might be a mixture of both. These meltdowns are not my favorite, but for the most part, we see them only about 10% of the time. The other 90% you are a little love bug of personality.  

Can't wait to see what this next month brings.
We love you Noah. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The dood and I try to do different activities around the apartment when I'm home. I find that both Noah and I go stir crazy if we just sit and stare at each other (who doesn't?). Lately, all I hear from this little nugget is "walk". Walk according to Noah means go outside and play. I think I hear these three phrases: "uh oh" "oh gosh" and "walk"  at least 200 times a day. He is SO verbal right now. 

 Here are some pictures from one of our new activities that we did last week- coloring. I love watching him try to figure out how to hold the pencil/marker. I think he enjoys taking the lid on and off the marker more than coloring. Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Clem in Town

Last week, Matt's grandpa Stan came into town to meet up with his brother Lloyd and wife Marylou.  We have spent time with Matt's extended family a couple times (including last Easter) and enjoy them very much. It's amazing that Matt moved to Austin only to find out that there is a generation of Clems that live right around the corner. Matt's great uncle and great aunt live in Round Rock, and they so sweetly invited us over for dinner. We had a blast enjoying their new place and amazing outdoor fireplace. Noah loved playing with their toy horses (one is in his hand) and eating the peach cobbler. Here is a picture of 3 generations of Clem men. 

Matt, Stan, Noah, Lloyd 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Doo

Last Sunday, I realized that it was time to stop being attached to Noah's sweet "angel wings" and finally give the ol' toe head a trim. Weirdly, I was emotional about this. I didn't know how much I was attached to his blonde curls- but I was. Well, I still am and did keep a lock of his hair. I realize now with the shorter doo that he looks 1) more and more like Matt and 2) he doesn’t look like a baby anymore. He's a boy- my almost 16 month boy.The haircut was definitely needed and I love what a sweet memory it will forever be. We took him in the bathtub, Matt did the trimming with clippers, and I did the holding. No tears or anxiety- he actually enjoyed himself.I love LOVE love the pictures below. Hope y'all enjoy!



XOXO, natalie
*Sidenote: experimenting with the new camera- so there is going to be some craziness coming this blog's way!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love Quiz

I'm late on doing this, but I found this fun survey on this blog to celebrate Valentine's day.

1. How long have you been married?
                                               Matt: 2 yrs 5 months 11 days 20 hrs 30 mins
Natalie: 2.5 years

Shows our personalities. Matt- detail oriented. Me- not so much.

2. Where was your first date?

Matt: the bridge in zambia
Natalie: A really nice restaurant in Radford with his best friend Shawn and Ashley. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant.

Horn rimmed glasses and I may or may not be wearing my retainer. 

3. Where was you first kiss?

 Matt: golf course on the tee
Natalie: Golf course. We got soaked by the sprinklers like 5 seconds after it happened.

4. Who said I love you first?

Matt: I did
Natalie: Matt

5. What were your wedding colors?

Matt: navy & yellow w/silver
Natalie: Blue and yellow

6. If she was ordering drinks what wold you each get?

 Matt: a margarita (her) a shiner (me)
Natalie: Matt- Water, Me- Water

Ha! I sound so cheap!!!!!!!

7. What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?

Matt: enchiladas
Natalie: Redneck tacos (a.k.a. Pulled chicken, corn bread, and coleslaw)

8. What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?

Matt: a rice/water chestnut/celery/chicken mixture
Natalie: 3 bean chili- it was straight nasty. No meat and tasted way too sweet.
9. What is the most played song on her iPod?

Matt: Pitch Perfect-riff off
Natalie: I don’t really listen to music all that much, but if I had the pitch perfect soundtrack- it would be that.

10. What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?

Matt: turns the light off
Natalie: Brush my teeth

11. What would you say is your favorite thing about her? 

Matt: cute feet
Natalie: My feet.

Hilarious. Noah even likes my feet. 

12. What is the name of her blog?

 Matt: clem in time
Natalie: Clem-in-time

Matt and I both laughed at some of our answers, but I think overall- we did well. He said if he could change his response on the worst meal, he would change to that 3 bean chili. It was that terrible. This is a random compilation of pictures- no rhyme or reason! I love this man so much. What a blessing he has been in my life. Happy Tuesday! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Surrendering Control and Choosing Joy

Surrender. Control.

I have to be honest. I just want, desire and try to have control over every aspect of my life. Every time I surrender one area and find victory giving it to Jesus, I find myself clinging onto control in another. It’s frustrating - but dear Lord, thank you for being patient. Remember- God wants our details- every detail of my life. He wants me to surrender my daily worries, thoughts and dreams.

Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (ESV)

I keep playing the what if game…my favorite is "what if I could control this and make THIS happen. RIGHT NOW." I lose my joy when I stop trusting God's will and start trying to create a will of my own. I lose my joy when I start comparing myself to others and stop praising God for the now.

To be honest, I don't think I really want the control. I know my mind says yes- you got this- make it happen. But when I look at that many blessing that were out of my control and in God's control- HIS plan is WAY greater. To think what I would have MISSED if I had made things happen my way- I realize it's not about me.

For instance, going to Africa to meet my future husband only happened because 1) the job I had landed in Dallas had to postpone my start day by a year ( I was devastated), but I decided to use the time off to see another part of the world for Christ 2) the friend I wanted to go on the trip with me couldn't and my church didn't have any openings, so I randomly searched through Campus Crusade because I remember my aunt had loved being involved there 3) my future hunky monkey (Matthew Clem) wasn't interested in girls on that trip- he avoided me despite my cute feet but towards the end of the trip felt God's push to seek my heart 4) 5 months into our marriage we have an oops and find out we are pregnant  with the lil dood 6) Matt doesn't get the PhD program of his dreams yet gets offer a Masters program that is everything and more than we could imagine. The list goes on and on.

As a time of change approaches and my fleshly desire for control knocks on my door, I'm choosing today to seek joy despite circumstances.  

Psalm 118:24  "This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." (NIV)

This little dood with the blonde wings is probably the biggest blessing in disguise out of my control. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Camera O' Trikes

Last night, this handsome man 

surprised this girl...

with a brand new DSLR Cannon Rebel (a.k.a. a SPIFFY CAMERA) !

 It was the Valentines/Birthday/Cute Wife gift of the year. 

So can you guess what I was doing first thing this morning after I got my buns kicked in bootcamp?

Ok give up?


Him and I had trikes 'o fun! (pun intended)

Happy Friday! 
He could do this for hours......
Look at this Michael Jordan tongue of determination (I had to make the picture huge to emphasize the CUTENESS!)

Buddy with the sweet face needs a haircut, but mama doesn't want to part with the locks. 

 Until Next Time!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Noah has shown interest in utensils this past week. It is very cute, but it is also very messy. We are going to continue to let him try it out, but it will be monitored closely. We are trying to teach him the technique of getting something on his spoon and in his mouth. A lot of times he stabs himself or drops it mid bite. I think over time he will perfect his skills- oh lord please. For now, it's just a lot of mess. Also, this week we are hearing a couple new words such as juice, milk, and cheese. Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little Dood's a Cowboy

Boot Scooting Boogie!

Get Down! 

Turn Around (kind of)

Go to Town!

Boot Scooting Boogie! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Encouraging Growth

A sweet girl I went to Baylor with just found her husband has 3 brain tumors amongst other cancer he has been fighting since the fall. Bailey studied abroad with me while at Baylor almost 7 years ago (seems like yesterday). I remember going on a couple runs with her and loving her sweet spirit and joy for life. Her passion for Jesus challenged me.

Amidst trial, her blog provides so much encouragement and strength. Matt and I had some "come to Jesus talks if you will" about it yesterday that just really gave me the chills. You start putting life into perspective when you realize it can be so short. It's crazy how we agonize over the little things that don't really matter. Bailey's words inspire me - she HAS TO cling to the hope of Jesus. Today, I am praying over this family and wanted to share her blog with you. 

Praying for a miracle!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Biker Buds

These are couple pictures from Friday. Matt sold my bike on Craigslist and made $10- WHOOPPPEEEE. (We both decided the bike wasn’t the right fit for me and it was just collecting dust-so we sold it). Don't worry. It's not going towards SNAX money; it's going towards a juicer. I will write a post on our food changes for this month soon.

 Anyway, to get the bike ready for the buyer, Matt pumped up the tires and tightened the seat. Noah had to help. The dood understands how to use the pump and it's hilarious. He made sure he was right in the midst of the action. I love these pictures. He is SUCH a little boy these days.

I'm amazed by how many words he has in his vocabulary. Not only that, but he understands so much. It's like a light bulb came on this month and he has understands words and what they mean. When I tell him it's time for a bath, he bee lines straight for his tub. He will even say BATH... He understands what I mean when I ask if he is hungry and will try to open the fridge. He took the milk out of the fridge last night and tried to poor himself a glass- luckily Matt caught it before it got too crazy.

I could go on and on BUT……I think my favorite thing is that while we pray over our dinner, he will grab my hand and at the end of the prayer say "AMEN." It is wonderful.

15 months is by far my favorite age. OK, so maybe I say that every month.

Friday, February 1, 2013

fRiDaY fUn!

Well my prediction was right- the truck was the first thing he grabbed Wednesday morning and the last thing he put down that night.

Why yes I'll take some truck with my bottle.
Noah had his 15 month checkup yesterday. He is 30% height, 60% weight, and 75% head circumference. I wasn't surprised about his head- his t-shirts without side snaps always have to be pulled tightly over that dome to get them to fit. 

Hellllllllloooo Mini Matt.
Little did Noah know that he was about to receive two shots, but he took it like a BOSS. (Have y'all seen the kid president pep talk youtube video?) Matt and I have watched every day for the past 3 days. LOVE!

He is also in love with these new sunglasses. He even figured out how to put them on his head correctly. BIG HEAD + BIG BRAIN = ADULT SUNGLASSES ACTUALLY KIND OF FIT.

His new favorite word of the week is KNEE. He says it and knows where his are and mine- it is too cute.

That's all. Happy Friday y'all!