Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The dood and I try to do different activities around the apartment when I'm home. I find that both Noah and I go stir crazy if we just sit and stare at each other (who doesn't?). Lately, all I hear from this little nugget is "walk". Walk according to Noah means go outside and play. I think I hear these three phrases: "uh oh" "oh gosh" and "walk"  at least 200 times a day. He is SO verbal right now. 

 Here are some pictures from one of our new activities that we did last week- coloring. I love watching him try to figure out how to hold the pencil/marker. I think he enjoys taking the lid on and off the marker more than coloring. Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. Love these :). Man he's growing up fast :). Sweet baby boy!