Thursday, February 7, 2013

Encouraging Growth

A sweet girl I went to Baylor with just found her husband has 3 brain tumors amongst other cancer he has been fighting since the fall. Bailey studied abroad with me while at Baylor almost 7 years ago (seems like yesterday). I remember going on a couple runs with her and loving her sweet spirit and joy for life. Her passion for Jesus challenged me.

Amidst trial, her blog provides so much encouragement and strength. Matt and I had some "come to Jesus talks if you will" about it yesterday that just really gave me the chills. You start putting life into perspective when you realize it can be so short. It's crazy how we agonize over the little things that don't really matter. Bailey's words inspire me - she HAS TO cling to the hope of Jesus. Today, I am praying over this family and wanted to share her blog with you. 

Praying for a miracle!


  1. Both her blog and his having me crying so hard. I will absolutely be praying for a miracle for this sweet family.

  2. Wow, her blog is so 'real'. It's not flowery optimism while not negative either....just real. My heart is sad for Ellie's potential loss and I will be diligently praying for their whole family.