Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Biker Buds

These are couple pictures from Friday. Matt sold my bike on Craigslist and made $10- WHOOPPPEEEE. (We both decided the bike wasn’t the right fit for me and it was just collecting dust-so we sold it). Don't worry. It's not going towards SNAX money; it's going towards a juicer. I will write a post on our food changes for this month soon.

 Anyway, to get the bike ready for the buyer, Matt pumped up the tires and tightened the seat. Noah had to help. The dood understands how to use the pump and it's hilarious. He made sure he was right in the midst of the action. I love these pictures. He is SUCH a little boy these days.

I'm amazed by how many words he has in his vocabulary. Not only that, but he understands so much. It's like a light bulb came on this month and he has understands words and what they mean. When I tell him it's time for a bath, he bee lines straight for his tub. He will even say BATH... He understands what I mean when I ask if he is hungry and will try to open the fridge. He took the milk out of the fridge last night and tried to poor himself a glass- luckily Matt caught it before it got too crazy.

I could go on and on BUT……I think my favorite thing is that while we pray over our dinner, he will grab my hand and at the end of the prayer say "AMEN." It is wonderful.

15 months is by far my favorite age. OK, so maybe I say that every month.

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  1. Oh my goodness! My heart just MELTED when I read about his after prayer "Amen"!!

    I love these pictures of him....he is so task focused and very serious about 'assisting'. Priceless!!