Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Part Dos

The latter part of our Virginia family vacation was spent at the Clem house. This was also a complete BLAST and SO much fun. On Friday, Pops and Mimi (Noah’s names for Matt’s dad and Tari) hosted 26 people over at their house for Thanksgiving. Matt’s dad fried up two turkeys and there were sides galore. We played a “friendly” competitive game of two hand touch football. I am sad to say, but I was not on the winning team this time around. Miles girlfriend had a stud touchdown that sealed the win.

The Boys Minus Owen (who I think was sleeping)

Cute Siblings.

Party Like a Rockstar

My Sweet Boys!!!!

Family Fun!

With Glenna and Stan :) Noah loves anybody who will read him books over and over

On Saturday, Matt’s college friend Abby Field came over and took pictures for us. I had been asking Matt for pictures since Noah was 4 months old, and Matt had this genius idea to contact Abby. She did a beautiful job. Check out her blog here to see her amazing work. God has blessed her with an incredible talent. I cannot wait to see all that she does in years to come. Abby's Blog

We also went over and saw Judi and Jimmy’s brand new house on Saturday. It was a perfect, family-friendly layout with a lot of character. It was pretty much absolutely beautiful. Matt and I are so excited for them.

The rest of the weekend was filled with fun and family. We did a lot of just hanging out and enjoying spending time together. Matt and I tried to get them hooked on Duck Dynasty, but I’m pretty sure they all thought it was totally staged. You win some and you lose some. Matt and I both think the show is a hoot.

I forgot to mention that Matt did blow up the turkey on Saturday with a shotgun. It was hilarious to watch. It's funny what a man's definition of "fun" is. 
My Shotgun Man

Blown Up Fried Turkey

Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 1

Tuesday, Noah turned 13 months old, but I thought I’d go ahead and do the Thanksgiving posts first. I am going to split it up in two because otherwise it would be picture overload. Last Tuesday, Noah, Matt, and I flew to Virginia and survived a 3 hour flight with only a twenty minute nap from little dood. I went on Facebook to ask around on advice for flying with an almost 13 month year old, and I received some great feedback. I decided I’d do a post on flying with a “toddler” this week because it might be beneficial to all those out there who are going to fly in the near future. I will do that after I finish up all the Thanksgiving posts and 13 month update.

Anyways, we arrived Tuesday and Matt’s mom and brother picked us up from the airport. In the two and a half days we were with Matt’s Mom and Aaron, we had a BLAST. Matt’s mom had baby proofed the whole apartment, so I could sit back and let the little dood roam. He went crazy over all the new toys to play with and cabinets to open. I think his all-time favorite “toy” was this baby gate that he could open and close. It’s hilarious how you give a baby a present and his favorite part is the box. Her apartment also had a great little playground. These are some of the pictures from that adventure below. 

Matt’s mom cooked a delicious meal on Thursday for Thanksgiving. Her Chocolate Pecan Bourbon pie was my favorite. I wish I would have saved more room for two slices. Matt’s sister Judi, nephew Owen, and brother –in-law Jimmy came over to celebrate. Noah loved to watch Owen. Oh my gosh, I love watching the two interact. It melts my heart. We had a wonderful time and an even more wonderful time watching the Redskins whoop up on the Cowboys. Go RG3!!! Needless to say, Thanksgiving with Matt’s family was such a blessing. We loved being surrounded by love and celebrating all that we are thankful for. I also loved dominating Matt and Aaron in Monopoly. I was a force to be reckon with considering the two of the double teamed me. 

More to come! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Redskins Football

On Sunday, the Clems always watch the Redskins play. Noah wears his jersey, I cook up a yummy meal, and Matt yells at the TV- family tradition. Here are some pictures of the nugget in his jersey watching our favorite NFL team. Matt decided to pull out the toy football Nana gave Noah for his birthday and teach Noah how real men play ball. 

Notice RG3 on the screen behind the boys!

Ready set.......



Take that.

On the line

Getting ready to hike

oh wait.....

tackled again.

The 'skins beat those eagles- we were stoked and so excited how well RG3  played. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hair Cut and Art Show

On Friday, I went and had my haircut- finally- it was LONG LONG LONG OVERDUE. I had bought a Living Social for a cut, botanical treatment, and highlight back in July. A couple weeks ago, I was able to use the highlight part of it, but I did not realize how long it would take, and Matt had to get to class- so I had to come back and finish up the haircut. I pretty much told the stylist to do whatever he wanted. I was just in the mood for change. Here is the result. I love what he did. Im not sure I can do it as amazing as he did, but I will give it my best shot. Its always so hard to recreate the style they give your hair with the new cut. 
New Cut and Goofball Little Dood
Saturday, we had an awesome day family fun filled day. We woke up and went to a church conference (more details to come on this later). Afterwards, homeboy came home and took a nap. When Noah woke up, we headed to see Mollys art work at the art show down on East Fifth. Molly is our sweet nanny who has been watching Noah for the past (almost) year. She is amazing and a very talented artist. Noah loves her and continued to give her hugs while we were there seeing all her pieces. We were blown away by her talent. Her style is so unique- she painted them all on drum heads. We can't wait to see more of her pieces. 

Molly and Noah

Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 Survey

I realize that this blog is mostly about Noah, so today, I am doing a random little survey that groups things in 3s. It seemes like a snazzy change and I always enjoy reading other peoples responses. Please feel free to do it yourself as well. I found it here BLOG J

Three Books I've Read Lately:
1) Adopted for Life by Russell Moore
2) Shepherding a Child
s Heart by Tedd Tripp
3) The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

I love all three. I actually havent finished the top two, but Im working on it. I highly recommend them to all.

Three Shows You Must Watch:
1) White Collar
2) Parenthood
3) Bones

Three Things I Would Take If I Was Stuck on a Deserted Island:
1) My family
2) The Bible
3) RV stocked full of food and feathered beds- pampered much- why yes.

Three Things I'm Proud of Right Now:
1) My husband- He is almost done with his masters at UT amongst the craziness of having a baby, working a 20 hour job, making all As and still loving me.
2) My wifely cooking skills. I make meals that usually get rated above a 7 on Matts scale.
3) The faith Matt and I have come together with. We are letting God guide our next step- surrendering our own comforts and desires for His.

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1) Matt and I are going to a conference Saturday- excited to see what God has in store.
2) Thanksgiving in Virginia and Christmas in Texas
3) Going on a date night with Matt tonight- we have found a new sitter for our Thursday date nights. Im so glad to have this special time back.

Three Things That Really Annoy Me:
1) People who cant take responsibility for their actions- always blaming other people.
2) People who act selfishly 24/7.
3) When Matt steals all my snax. (not really, I can share- but he does steal my snax.)

Three New Things That Make Me Very Happy:
1) Noah has a new daily routine that he has to snuggle me for at least 10 minutes before he goes down for a nap or to sleep. He holds me as tight as possible- I melt.
2) Bluebells Gingerbread house ice cream- to die for. Im gaining 10 pounds as we speak.
3) Matt and I are planning a summer trip. YAY

A blog isn't complete without nugget pictures. 
                   How did we go from this.... 

to this....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ball O' Fun

This boy runs to our front door and bangs until we let him out. I love this age and getting to play outside with him. I am just constantly on pins and needles waiting for the falls, scrapes, bumps and bruises. So far, so good, but I know Noah isnt invisible and bandaids will come out of the cabinet to cover up his war wounds. For now, I will be the mom constantly walking behind him ready to reach my hand out before the big tumble and praying my reflexes are fast (really fast). I just keep telling myself - he is a boy and will learn to be tough. This mama has to let him get dirty and realize one of the joys of having a boy is the fearless fun that he brings. 
Don't you wish you had these muscles!?!

Look at this grin.

Concentration and Determination despite the wind blown hair

Pushing like a champ!

The grass is fun too! 

I love the shot of his TWO (and only) teeth!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Noah's first Baylor Homecoming!

Homeccoming 2012- I was good for the first 2 hours of the morning about taking pictures of the babes and my friends. After that, I dropped the ball. We had a blast. Both Kaleb and Noah loved all the floats and I have course loved the time I was able to have with Ashley, Leeann, and Alli. I am shooting myself for not taking more pictures, but I love the couple that we did take. Happy Tuesday :)

I love this. Both boys with the paci's and snuggling the daddy-o's.

Sure Noah. I'll rub your head for good luck. 

Bakers + Clems = LOOOOOOOVE  ( My boy had an ear infection- smiles were not allowed)
The Bakers! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween 2012

For Halloween this year, we did a fun event at my work with my co-workers and a couple kids. It was blast. We went from office to office saying trick or treat. At one point, Noah was throwing candy for a kid to fetch. At another point, Noah was banging on the glass windows causing raucous. I love this rambunctious age. Noah was an Angels baseball player and I was a little mamasita.

My favorite little Angel dood

The boys!

Half of the double Rainbow, Skeleton Hudson, and Mama Amber

Little dood in the kitchen- mama's favorite place at work

His hat just cracks me up.

My work family
Im already thinking about next year and what what the Clem family will dress up in. Matt wants to do Star Wars themed- Luke Sky Walker (Matt), Princess Lea (Natalie), and Yoda (little dood). It would be a riot.

Peace, Love, and Trick or Treat,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

1st Birthday Party Round #2

We did a small celebration for Noah on his actual birthday with my parents and two families from our small group. Matt and I decided to have the kids come that Noah interacts with the most. It was a blast.  The pictures tell it all.

Birthday Boy!
Noah's older buddies
The nugget enjoying pieces of nugget.

Sandra and Amy

The hubs and me

My family featuring shirtless little dood

All the kids at the party!

I get teary thinking about how far we have come since October 27th, 2011.
It was a blessing to celebrate the gift of His life. I recently heard a sermon on how your children are on loan to you for the first 18 years of their lives.  As Christian parents, we have that time to lead, guide, and direct them in the Truth of the Gospel. My dream for Noah is not success defined by this world but to live a reckless life hopelessly abandoned to Christ.

More posts to come. Im behind.