Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 1

Tuesday, Noah turned 13 months old, but I thought I’d go ahead and do the Thanksgiving posts first. I am going to split it up in two because otherwise it would be picture overload. Last Tuesday, Noah, Matt, and I flew to Virginia and survived a 3 hour flight with only a twenty minute nap from little dood. I went on Facebook to ask around on advice for flying with an almost 13 month year old, and I received some great feedback. I decided I’d do a post on flying with a “toddler” this week because it might be beneficial to all those out there who are going to fly in the near future. I will do that after I finish up all the Thanksgiving posts and 13 month update.

Anyways, we arrived Tuesday and Matt’s mom and brother picked us up from the airport. In the two and a half days we were with Matt’s Mom and Aaron, we had a BLAST. Matt’s mom had baby proofed the whole apartment, so I could sit back and let the little dood roam. He went crazy over all the new toys to play with and cabinets to open. I think his all-time favorite “toy” was this baby gate that he could open and close. It’s hilarious how you give a baby a present and his favorite part is the box. Her apartment also had a great little playground. These are some of the pictures from that adventure below. 

Matt’s mom cooked a delicious meal on Thursday for Thanksgiving. Her Chocolate Pecan Bourbon pie was my favorite. I wish I would have saved more room for two slices. Matt’s sister Judi, nephew Owen, and brother –in-law Jimmy came over to celebrate. Noah loved to watch Owen. Oh my gosh, I love watching the two interact. It melts my heart. We had a wonderful time and an even more wonderful time watching the Redskins whoop up on the Cowboys. Go RG3!!! Needless to say, Thanksgiving with Matt’s family was such a blessing. We loved being surrounded by love and celebrating all that we are thankful for. I also loved dominating Matt and Aaron in Monopoly. I was a force to be reckon with considering the two of the double teamed me. 

More to come! 

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  1. Love these photos! Especially the one of you and Noah on the slide! SO CUTE!