Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween 2012

For Halloween this year, we did a fun event at my work with my co-workers and a couple kids. It was blast. We went from office to office saying trick or treat. At one point, Noah was throwing candy for a kid to fetch. At another point, Noah was banging on the glass windows causing raucous. I love this rambunctious age. Noah was an Angels baseball player and I was a little mamasita.

My favorite little Angel dood

The boys!

Half of the double Rainbow, Skeleton Hudson, and Mama Amber

Little dood in the kitchen- mama's favorite place at work

His hat just cracks me up.

My work family
Im already thinking about next year and what what the Clem family will dress up in. Matt wants to do Star Wars themed- Luke Sky Walker (Matt), Princess Lea (Natalie), and Yoda (little dood). It would be a riot.

Peace, Love, and Trick or Treat,

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