Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 Survey

I realize that this blog is mostly about Noah, so today, I am doing a random little survey that groups things in 3s. It seemes like a snazzy change and I always enjoy reading other peoples responses. Please feel free to do it yourself as well. I found it here BLOG J

Three Books I've Read Lately:
1) Adopted for Life by Russell Moore
2) Shepherding a Child
s Heart by Tedd Tripp
3) The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

I love all three. I actually havent finished the top two, but Im working on it. I highly recommend them to all.

Three Shows You Must Watch:
1) White Collar
2) Parenthood
3) Bones

Three Things I Would Take If I Was Stuck on a Deserted Island:
1) My family
2) The Bible
3) RV stocked full of food and feathered beds- pampered much- why yes.

Three Things I'm Proud of Right Now:
1) My husband- He is almost done with his masters at UT amongst the craziness of having a baby, working a 20 hour job, making all As and still loving me.
2) My wifely cooking skills. I make meals that usually get rated above a 7 on Matts scale.
3) The faith Matt and I have come together with. We are letting God guide our next step- surrendering our own comforts and desires for His.

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1) Matt and I are going to a conference Saturday- excited to see what God has in store.
2) Thanksgiving in Virginia and Christmas in Texas
3) Going on a date night with Matt tonight- we have found a new sitter for our Thursday date nights. Im so glad to have this special time back.

Three Things That Really Annoy Me:
1) People who cant take responsibility for their actions- always blaming other people.
2) People who act selfishly 24/7.
3) When Matt steals all my snax. (not really, I can share- but he does steal my snax.)

Three New Things That Make Me Very Happy:
1) Noah has a new daily routine that he has to snuggle me for at least 10 minutes before he goes down for a nap or to sleep. He holds me as tight as possible- I melt.
2) Bluebells Gingerbread house ice cream- to die for. Im gaining 10 pounds as we speak.
3) Matt and I are planning a summer trip. YAY

A blog isn't complete without nugget pictures. 
                   How did we go from this.... 

to this....

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  1. Aw baby snuggles are the best. I cuddle Henry to sleep as well and it's the best part of my day!