Monday, November 19, 2012

Hair Cut and Art Show

On Friday, I went and had my haircut- finally- it was LONG LONG LONG OVERDUE. I had bought a Living Social for a cut, botanical treatment, and highlight back in July. A couple weeks ago, I was able to use the highlight part of it, but I did not realize how long it would take, and Matt had to get to class- so I had to come back and finish up the haircut. I pretty much told the stylist to do whatever he wanted. I was just in the mood for change. Here is the result. I love what he did. Im not sure I can do it as amazing as he did, but I will give it my best shot. Its always so hard to recreate the style they give your hair with the new cut. 
New Cut and Goofball Little Dood
Saturday, we had an awesome day family fun filled day. We woke up and went to a church conference (more details to come on this later). Afterwards, homeboy came home and took a nap. When Noah woke up, we headed to see Mollys art work at the art show down on East Fifth. Molly is our sweet nanny who has been watching Noah for the past (almost) year. She is amazing and a very talented artist. Noah loves her and continued to give her hugs while we were there seeing all her pieces. We were blown away by her talent. Her style is so unique- she painted them all on drum heads. We can't wait to see more of her pieces. 

Molly and Noah

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