Sunday, November 4, 2012

1 Year Old!

Weight/Length: We go Thursday for his one year checkup, so I will know more details then. I think probably 23 ½ pounds and 29 inches long.

Eating: Noah drinks milk every 4 hours. We are now on whole milk and love it. This makes life way easier and will be cheaper than the formula we had to buy every week. (My milk supply died at 11 months, so we introduced formula.) He is pretty much over the squares of food and would much rather eat bite size things on his tray. Noah has become a pickier eater and will spit out food he does not like or isn't’ interested in eating.   

Bedtime/ Awake:  Noah still sleeps from 11 to 12 hours a night. He usually takes two good naps during the day.

Diapers: He is in 3’s. I think we will buy 4’s the next time we are out of diapers.  
Clothes: He is in 9-12 month, 12 month, and 12-18th month. It depends on brand.   

Favorites: This month Noah has become a daddy’s boy! He wants his daddy’s attention and love. He loves to be held by Matt and snuggle him. It’s the cutest.  The Clem boys are rowdy and constantly playing around the house. Noah loves to play chase, hide n’ go seek, and catch. “Little dood” loves to stack blocks and knock them down. He will put a toy in a container, the lid on top, and then take the lid off and take the toy out over and over again. With solely walking, he has become much more independent and will play by himself a lot more. Noah loves to dance- dancing machine if I do say so myself. He booty dances and we just eat it up.

Dislikes: Noah doesn't like when I won’t let him walk in public. He will fling his head back and have a meltdown- not my favorite. I was that mom in the store the other day carrying my screaming child because I would not let him walk in the grocery store. He doesn't like to be told no. He doesn't like to be changed when he wants to roam. Homeboy doesn't like to share his toys (we are working on that one). He also hates to have his nose and mouth wiped. Noah Walker is 100% boy.

Tricks: Noah has added something that sounds like book and something that sounds like truck to his vocabulary. He will say it over and over again. He loves to stand on his head and have us flip his legs so he can roll over. He can flush toilets, climb up printers, and turn off light switches. He is constantly learning new things and always watching Matt and me. He gives hugs, kisses, and holds hands. I love this age. It seriously just keeps getting better and better. We are so blessed.

Going forward, I've decided that I will do monthly blog updates on Noah (every 27th of the month) but they will be way briefer and just talking about the new things he is doing. I’ll skip the clothes, diapers, sleep stuff unless anything changes that I feel like would provide good insight/stories.

Matt and I are praying over some big decisions to come, so who knows what direction this blog will take. Hope y’all are enjoying November and I am going to post pictures soon of his first birthday, Halloween homecoming, and tricks. 

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  1. Awe yay!!! Love these pictures! Ok so now I'm extremely interested in the "news" lol. Guess I have to wait hahahaha. Love reading about your little dood. He's such a sweet giggle box :)