Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bartlebee and Noah

This puppy is excited for his new brother Noah. I find that he is keeps putting his little grubby paws on my belly just like I do. :) I have to tell him he can't use my belly as a sitting place though-he tries to do that quite often. Sorry the picture is a little rough. Mayberry won't sit still (like usual) and it was an iphone pic! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

31 weeks: Attack of the Poison Ivy

Along: 31 weeks
Size of baby:  Noah is the size of four navel oranges. His little irises can dilate and respond to changes in light. He is about 3 pounds and 17 inches.
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  19 pounds- this is kind of a sore subject.  I don’t really care how much weight I’ve gained, but the doctor is worried. She expected me to be bigger. I haven’t gained anything since they weighed me 3 weeks ago. They weighed me three weeks ago at 2:30 p.m- this is after at least two snacks and two meals plus lots of water. This morning, I’d only had a glass of chocolate milk when I was weighed and was at the same weight gain. Anyways, as a result, Matt and I get to see Noah on Tuesday. WHOO HOO! We are both excited about getting to see him on the ultra sound, I just wish it wasn’t because they wanted to check his size. I will keep y’all updated!   
Maternity Clothes:   Mixture of both. I love maternity pants. I think they should be in style and socially acceptable even when women are not pregnant. They are SO comfortable.
 Gender:  Noah Walker Clem- a BOY!
Movement:  Yes. He is constantly doing dance moves and somersaults. I am so thankful for how active he is. It is always just a sweet little reminder of the miracle that is growing in my belly.
Sleep: Bad, actually the WORST! This isn’t Noah’s fault. I have poison ivy- yes, poison ivy. It’s been miserable. I finally got a prescription today that should clear it up. Let’s just say this week has been rocky. I’m so thankful that I have Matt for moral support. He washed all the clothes, bedding, and anything I could have touched to try to help get rid of it. He’s been super patient with my mood swings and irritability. I’m convinced poison ivy is straight from you know where. CONVINCED!
What I miss:     I miss good night sleeps and being able to run with my buddy Ashley. College station is TOO far!
Cravings:  Ice water and Chocolate Milk!
Symptoms: Leg cramps, back aches, and tail bone pain.  
Best Moment This Week:   Jenna, Matt, and I took an adventure to Town Lake this past Friday night. Jenna and I decided that it was time to initiate Matt into the Town Lake swimming club-he did not know what he was getting into.  We had the wind against us, tired bodies, and no places to rest when we were tired. Our goal was to swim from Red Bud Isle to Deep Eddy. Let’s just say half way through, we decided it was time to find a short cut and walk. We had fun trekking through the back part of Town Lake woods and trying to find a way to civilization. After a while of trekking, we reached a dead end (fence with barbed wire) and knew we’d have to get back in the water. We turned around and headed back towards the water. To get to the water, we had to move branches, climb over limbs, crawl, and do some pretty acrobatic moves. This is also how I picked up the poison ivy (yuck). We eventually swam back to Deep Eddy and everything was just dandy. We had a great time and Matt said that was really hard but so rewarding. I don’t think he will be doing it for a while- let’s be honest, I won’t either. Poison ivy is miserable, but it is even more miserable when pregnant. I will be staying in pools and lakes that do not have signs posted everywhere warning of the poison ivy.
Matt's response when I asked to take a picture of his first day back to school. CUTE!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


We have had a lot going on and I thought it was time for an update.
Matt had his orientation this week for his Masters Program he starts on Monday at the University of Texas Austin. Let’s just say that he is really excited- I give him props- you couldn’t pay me to go back to school. He will be taking 12 hours this first semester. It looks like his schedule will be something like classes on Monday and Wednesday and one on Friday. This means Tuesday and Thursday will be jam packed with studying.  We have set up a nice little desk in our bedroom for him to study at. I have a feeling he will be sitting there a lot. We are thankful for the new layout of the apartment- so much more room for our things.
Matt has been an awesome husband for me this past week. Work has gotten super busy- he has taken up the slack and done most of the house chores (cooking, cleaning, errands, laundry, you name it). I’d seriously be lost without him. He made Poppy seed chicken for us on Tuesday and chili for us on Wednesday- he’s quite the chef. He jokes that what he has made tastes better than when I make it (sadly, I agree 100%-stud chef).
I’m starting up the fifty-fifty five hour work weeks again. We actually drove home that Saturday night after Alli’s wedding so I could work on Sunday- let’s just say things are really picking up. I have a count down on my desk though- 28 days until September 15th. I think I can, I think I can.
We also have been trying to be more social in this new apartment.  We have been having couples over for dinner and really enjoying the fellowship and community. It is amazing how God blesses the time with special friends. We are thankful for the community Austin Stone has provided as well as getting to see old friends.
Life has been treating us well. We are healthy, happy, and excited to see what God has in store.
Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. We received a precious package in the mail today. Here was what goodies we found in side. Thank you Nana! (a.k.a Matt's mom, Laurie)

30 weeks: 10 Weeks Left in this Home Stretch!

Along: 30 weeks

Size of baby:  Noah is the size of a cabbage. He is a little over 15.5 inches in length and growing closer to 3 pounds.
Maternity Clothes:    It is still a mixture of both. Maternity pants are a must for work. I have been wearing a lot of maternity tops this past week- they are comfortable and I figure now is the time to bust out the Motherhood brand!

 Gender:  A BOY! Noah Walker Clem
Movement:  He is moving so much. I think he has the leg jitters and twitches like I do- he is constantly moving. I tried to count how many kicks in an hour- lost count. I lost that battle within about 15 minutes. I told Matt we probably have a punter on our hands- or maybe a ninja.  
Sleep: It’s been ok. It is really hit or miss every night. We’ve been staying up later just with busy season here- Matt and I don’t have as much time together- so we make up for it by staying up. I feel it at the end of the week but sleep sounder because I’m SO tired.
What I miss:     I miss  having  normal sized toes at the end of the day. I also miss being able to see my feet. The belly is taking away my view when I’m standing up.
Cravings:  Sweets, Chocolate milk, Ice water, bananas, oranges
Symptoms: Back pain, leg cramps, tailbone aches, achiness, fatigue, irritability
Best Moment This Week:   I have two best moments.
We had Daniel’s going away dinner this past weekend. We went to this place called Uchiko! It was so much fun. We all had a blast. My mom decided she wanted some fried shrimp while we were there- mind you this a sushi restaurant that has really unique dishes. They brought out a fried crawfish that still have its’ eyeballs and tentacles. She tried to order four of them before she knew what she was getting- I’m glad the waiter only brought her one. Daniel took one for the team and ate the head- Matt took one for the team and ate the tail. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful family. This meal was a great way to end Daniel’s summer internship in Austin. He’s now taken the Malibu back to Malibu and starting his second year in law school.  
Another favorite of this week was getting to swim with Ashley and Daniel in Townlake. Let’s just say it was quite the muddy mess and we saw one dead fish. They were troopers and we survived. It was great getting to see Ashley for a Sunday afternoon- she was in town for a birthday party and a doctor’s appointment on Monday. Matt and I still wish the Baker’s weren’t called to College Station!

Bon Appetit!


After dinner smiles :)!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Lewis/Thompson Wedding Adventures!

A week later, I am now posting some pictures from the amazing wedding I got to be a part of- life has been busy- don’t judge me. This wedding was AMAZING. Matt and I drove down there last Thursday night, so that I could make the tail end of her bachelorette party. This was quite the bachelorette party. Her sisters did an amazing job planning everything. There were games, food, and lots of marriage advice being passed along.  Everybody there had a blast- it was such a solid group of girls-so glad I got to meet her sisters and some of her Colorado buddies. Anyways, we ended the night by going to Pete’s dueling piano bar. The pictures tell some of the story but most of it you really had to be there to understand the depth of the hilarity watching Alli on stage-followed by Amanda and Lisa trying to spell a word using both of their bodies. My favorite memory was Alli having about 30 men sing to her.  I can’t remember the song- but these guys were belting from their hearts-they were even on one knee.
I'm not sure why I look so surprised- they look pretty! Love these girls!

The reception was INCREDIBLE-there was so much detail into every little aspect. Matt and I loved walking around seeing all the photographs and little knick knacks they added to make the reception “them.” The seven piece band brought everybody’s groooooooove on. My feet definitely got more tired with this little nugget in my belly- but Matt and I tore it up.  The ice cream bar was probably my favorite touch- don’t worry I was 17th in line when they opened it up-behind all the kids that were attending the wedding. It was Ben & Jerry’s- delicious. Matt and I felt so blessed to be a part of this day and watch this little love story involve from dating, engagement, to marriage. God’s timelines are my favorite. Everybody has a unique love story and the Lewis’s are living it out! Matt and I both walked away excited to see what God has in store for this couple that love Jesus more than each other.
Delicious Cake that I enjoyed along with the Ice Cream- White Chocolate Raspberry. Yum!

He's an engineer. We thought this cake was too cute not to document! His aunt made it!
Tearing up the dance floor- Matt took this one.

Cute little details. Loved it! There was also a photo booth!

They are next!! :) September 24th this will be Mr. and Mrs. Steve Case

Peace, Love, and Weddings are my FAVORITE,

Natalie :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

29 Weeks: The Boy is Gaining Baby Chub!

Along: 29 weeks
Size of baby:  Noah is the size of a butternut squash.  His brain is busy developing billions of neurons.  He can taste and respond to pain. He also has developed his milk teeth under his gums. This little boy now has 3.5% body fat! That doesn’t sound like much, but in the past he has had 0% body fat so he is getting his chub on.
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  My guess is between 17-20 pounds. I’m supposed to gain about a pound a week or so these next 11 weeks. My mom said during the end she lost weight because there wasn’t any room for food. I can understand that- I get full fast. 

Maternity Clothes:   Maternity pants to work and mixture of maternity tops and my old tops. I actually got to wear my first maternity dress this past weekend.  It was super comfortable.
 Gender:  Noah Walker Clem
Movement:  Yes. It’s a small earthquake in my belly. My friend Amanda got to feel him do a little dance in my belly this weekend. He was quite the performer. Amanda said babies always get quiet when she tries to feel them- she sure did get to feel Noah. He’s a WILD man.  
Sleep: Blah. It is hit or miss. I had trouble sleeping this past week. Fatigue is definitely a daily battle that I fight. I’ll then go to bed, and I can’t seem to fall asleep. Oh well!
What I miss:     I miss my old belly button. I’m on the verge of an outie-YIKES!
Cravings:  Ice water, cookies, fruit (peaches, pears, apples, blueberries), barbeque
Symptoms: Leg cramps were better this past week. My back and booty pain are still hanging around. Swollen feet are my best friends-I have little sausage toes.
Best Moment This Week:   I had the honor and privilege of being in my BEST (we met in Baylor’s BEST class) friend’s wedding. It was amazing- she was gorgeous and their ceremony was a testimony to God’s gift of love and marriage. Matt and I are so excited to see what He has in store for them. I am hoping to post a whole blog section on their wedding tomorrow or Friday. It was GORGEOUS! Anyways, the best moment was getting to be in the wedding with so many wonderful girls. I hadn’t seen Amanda Alley in eleven months- she’s was my best-bear trail buddy from freshman year on-we were kind of attached at the hip on that trail.  I’ve missed her mucho. A lot of the comments I got were something like this- “you really ARE PREGNANT.” Yep, it is true- I haven’t been lying. The belly is SHOWING! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gestational Diabetes

On Tuesday, I had my big test. This was quite an adventure. First of all, I’m terrible with blood work. I have almost passed out in the past and have had to be stuck multiple times in order for them to find “the vein.” I even had a group of women who had to send me home because they had stuck me past the legal limit-yes, I hate needles. Anyways, Matt came and picked me up and we headed to the doctor’s office. (I’ve been dreading this test since it was scheduled a month ago).

This drink has to be drunk exactly 1 hour before all the testing.  If it is not, then you have to come back another day for a retest. I finished drinking the drink at 1:50 and knew I needed to be tested at 2:50. At 2:50, I was sitting in the doctor’s office wondering why they hadn’t called me back yet. I knew they were cutting it close, and I was confused. I asked the nurse what was going on, and she told me I was supposed to have the blood work done at the lab. They quickly sent me up to the lab ( I had forgot these crucial instructions from my last visit a month ago). Anyways, there is a ten minute grace period, but my time was about up. One of the receptionists told me I’d have to come back another day. I was super bummed. Then this amazing God sent nurse said that I was still under the grace period and she could draw my blood. I was SO relieved. Matt had driven all the way up there to take me to this test since I hate needles, I was missing work, and I had NO desire to come back or drink another semi orange crush tasting drink. This dumb high-sugar drink has 300 calories in it and makes you feel funny. No , no thank you, I don’t want to drink another. Well I might have to if I don’t pass this test, but diabetes does not run on either side of Matt or my family, so I’m praying for the best. The lady was able to draw my blood with the first stick. She said it helps that I have about 30% more blood flow because of baby Noah.  Overall, it was successful blood draw and my arm is only slightly sore.

Matt had never heard Noah’s heartbeat in person, so we headed back to the doctor’s office to do my 28 week check up. Matt thought it was the coolest thing. He loves anything that has to do with Noah. I don’t think Matt and I are going to do any of the hospital classes. With my busy season upon us, we have little time. I think we are going to read a book. If anybody has any suggestions on books, I’d love to know! We are super excited and so thankful Noah has made it to the third trimester. Our God is good!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

28 Weeks: Baker's Big News!!!

Rough Picture- We just moved and long day. :) 

Along: 28 weeks
Welcome Third Trimester (again)! Some say you start Third trimester at 27 weeks, some say 28 weeks. I’m documenting both for y’all. You can choose which one you’d prefer.

Size of baby:  Noah is the size of a Chinese cabbage.  He has most likely developed a regular sleep schedule- sleeping in 20 to 30 minute intervals. He can sense light, blink with his little eyelashes, and move his head in response to bright light shone on my tummy. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  The average weight the scale says is about 17 pounds. My doctor said yesterday that at 28 weeks, they like to see about an average of 18 pounds gained. She said with my built they would rather see more weight gain than less. I’m feeling good about 17 pounds. I told her I look huge. She said for me to just wait and used a measuring tape to show me how much larger my belly will grow. YIKES! He’s at about 3 pounds right now. He could gain up to about 4 to 5 more. BIG BABY!
Maternity Clothes:   Maternity pants to work all the time. I wear a mixture of maternity tops and old tops I’ve owned. I can still fit into my shorts, which is nice, but by the end of the day with a couple meals, I like to unbutton the top button. I keep it classy.
 Gender:  AN ACTIVE BABY BOY! Noah Walker Clem
Movement:  Yes. The lady that took his heartbeat laughed yesterday as she saw my tummy roll with his movement. He’s VERY active and continues to keep us laughing. Ashley saw him move this weekend when she and I were taking a little break from unloading boxes. If you watch my stomach, it will just jiggle and jumble as he moves. The nurse warned us that he will be an active child.  
Sleep: Good. I’ve been sleeping a lot.  Fatigue has set back in. I am much more tired at the end of the day than I was a couple weeks ago. I try to get a good 8 to 9 hours if I can. I want to get back in the habit of walking in the mornings, but I haven’t yet. We are still adjusting to the new apartment, and Matt getting ready for school.
What I miss:     I miss not being so swollen!
Cravings:  Cookies, Yogurt, Yogurt Covered Pretzels, Fruit (Bananas, Oranges, Apples), Vegetables, Milk, and Ice Cream
Symptoms: Leg cramps, hip pain, tailbone pain, fatigue- all these are normal symptoms
Best Moment This Week:   Getting to announce what you see below! Yes my blog friends, my best friend Ashley is ALSO pregnant! She is due in February and we could not be MORE excited! I’ve been anticipating this blog post since we knew the little nugget was growing in her stomach. J Noah is going to have a little buddy to love on and experience Baylor homecomings with. Now that the Bakers are Aggies (well, Luke is an Aggie-not Ashley), there will be some rivalry between Matt/Noah (soon to be a Longhorn) and Luke/Baby Baker.  I cannot believe God’s timing in providing us both with little nuggets in the same year. Noah and Baby Baker will be in the same grade. It’s been so fun to watch her experience all the joys of pregnancy. We feel so blessed to call the Baker’s our buddies! Click here to see her blog!