Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Lewis/Thompson Wedding Adventures!

A week later, I am now posting some pictures from the amazing wedding I got to be a part of- life has been busy- don’t judge me. This wedding was AMAZING. Matt and I drove down there last Thursday night, so that I could make the tail end of her bachelorette party. This was quite the bachelorette party. Her sisters did an amazing job planning everything. There were games, food, and lots of marriage advice being passed along.  Everybody there had a blast- it was such a solid group of girls-so glad I got to meet her sisters and some of her Colorado buddies. Anyways, we ended the night by going to Pete’s dueling piano bar. The pictures tell some of the story but most of it you really had to be there to understand the depth of the hilarity watching Alli on stage-followed by Amanda and Lisa trying to spell a word using both of their bodies. My favorite memory was Alli having about 30 men sing to her.  I can’t remember the song- but these guys were belting from their hearts-they were even on one knee.
I'm not sure why I look so surprised- they look pretty! Love these girls!

The reception was INCREDIBLE-there was so much detail into every little aspect. Matt and I loved walking around seeing all the photographs and little knick knacks they added to make the reception “them.” The seven piece band brought everybody’s groooooooove on. My feet definitely got more tired with this little nugget in my belly- but Matt and I tore it up.  The ice cream bar was probably my favorite touch- don’t worry I was 17th in line when they opened it up-behind all the kids that were attending the wedding. It was Ben & Jerry’s- delicious. Matt and I felt so blessed to be a part of this day and watch this little love story involve from dating, engagement, to marriage. God’s timelines are my favorite. Everybody has a unique love story and the Lewis’s are living it out! Matt and I both walked away excited to see what God has in store for this couple that love Jesus more than each other.
Delicious Cake that I enjoyed along with the Ice Cream- White Chocolate Raspberry. Yum!

He's an engineer. We thought this cake was too cute not to document! His aunt made it!
Tearing up the dance floor- Matt took this one.

Cute little details. Loved it! There was also a photo booth!

They are next!! :) September 24th this will be Mr. and Mrs. Steve Case

Peace, Love, and Weddings are my FAVORITE,

Natalie :)

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