Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Noah's Ark Baby Shower

On October 9th, four of my wonderful friends threw me a Noah's Ark themed shower. This shower had so many cute details- I'm serious when I say that these girls are some of the most artistic, creative, thoughtful people I know. God has blessed these girls with so many amazing gifts and talents. They know how to throw a PARTY!

The wonderful hosts of Noah's shower- Leeann, Alissa, Leeann, and Ashley

They worked so hard to get everything to come together! And it did-PERFECTLY!

Noah's Cream Pie Boat/Arks

Close up on all the wonderful baked desserts and tasty goodies!

This shower consisted of laughter, laughter, and more laughter! I'm serious when I say that my face hurt from smiling so much these three hours. They drove from all over Texas to celebrate Noah's coming and I could not have felt more loved. I had friends from elementary, high school, college, and Austin Stone all join together and pour out their love on Noah. He is seriously such a spoiled little nugget. I know when he meets all these girls, they will keep him busy and on his toes. I'm sure his face will hurt from smiling and laughing too! They will be the best aunties!

Noah received so many wonderful gifts. Here are some of the neat things below!

The BOB! These girls plus Caroline, Kelsey and Kimmie went together and made sure I had the best jogging stroller around! Townlake watch out!

Precious letters Brittany painted for Noah's nook. They match perfectly. On the fireplace is a diaper cake Ashley made- so cool! I can't wait to make one for her little boy!

This is to illustrate the laughter! This is me opening the baby carrier from Leeann and John! We are STOKED to take him around Central Market in this little number!

Group picture!

God has been so good to provide me with such amazing girls along my life. Each gift and card were so special. I'm so thankful for all of them.

Peace, Love, and Baby Diaper Cakes,


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