Tuesday, October 11, 2011

37 weeks: Yes, I'm Still Here!

Along: 37 weeks

Size of baby:  Noah is the size of a watermelon. He is gaining about ½ an ounce a day. He's also brushing up on skills for the outside world: blinking, sucking, inhaling, exhaling, and gripping (it's getting strong!).

Weight gain: 25 pounds ( I had a check up last Thursday). I look like quite the pumpkin. 

Maternity Clothes:   A mixture of both. I have a lot of tops that used to fit two weeks ago that have gotten too tight.  My belly is popping out of the bottom. 

 Gender:  Noah Walker Clem- A BOY! 

Movement:  All the time. He’s a little tumbler. Matt’s mom got to feel him kick while we were waiting to see him at the third sonogram. It truly is amazing to watch my belly roll with a little munchkin inside.  

Sleep: It depends on the night. I have streaks of 10 hour a night sleeps and others that look like about 4 hours. He is very active and likes to sucker punch me in the ribs when I’m lying trying to catch some shut eye. I think he is ready to get out- too cramped in my belly. 

What I miss:     I miss being able to see my toes! I also miss being able to get up and out of bed easily. Things that were once easy are now uncomfortable and difficult.   

Cravings:  Chocolate milk, ice water, Chick-fil-a. Aversions:  I have an aversion to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

Symptoms: I have had a lot of problems with my sciatic nerve. Sometimes I have a limp because it’s pinching it just right. Other times I random have this twitch movement in my leg due to the jolt of the pain. I am not loving the sciatica at all, but he will be here sooner than later. 

Best Moment This Week:   At my baby shower thrown by my grandma, Matt’s mom, and my mom, there were these delicious little cakes for dessert. They were super cute and had green little shoes on top. Little did we know, this green icing turns all teeth green. Not just a little bit green- like Hulk the monster green.  When my cousin got home from hanging out with my dad and Matt (they didn’t want to be around for the baby shower), we convinced him to eat one. He knew something suspicious was going on, but it was hilarious to watch his reaction after he saw his teeth. Boomer is now 5’8 and towers over me at the age of 13. It’s amazing how fast boys grow. I felt him kick in his mom’s tummy when I was in sixth grade. See his teeth below!

You might be asking yourself- where has Natalie been? This post is 6 days late. I know, I know. Life got busy and I got distracted. We house sat for my parents last Wednesday through Friday and since then have been going 100 mph. Here is what I plan on doing for the next week. I have the normal 38 week update and 3 more posts that I’m going to try to do. Here are some sneak peak of some pictures to come. 

Thursday: Baby Shower #1 with family and friends

Friday: Baby Shower #2 with elementary, high school, college, and after friends

Saturday/Sunday: Update on what Matt and I have been doing/ how we are preparing for Noah

Hold me accountable! This is my goal!

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