Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anticipating Noah's Arrival

Noah Update:
Yes! He’s coming! When? Well, we don’t really know-time will tell. Matt and I headed to the doctor’s this morning to see how I was progressing. Everything is looking great, but not too much progress that would suggest he’s coming today or tomorrow. After discussion with the doctor, she gave us the option to induce tonight and have him tomorrow or wait it out a little longer. Matt and I both agreed we thought it’d be best to continue to wait it out. We want him to come on his own timing, not ours. NOW, this is the game plan for this week. This time next week if he has not arrived, I will be induced. This will be a two day process that will have me at the hospital two nights rather than one (if I have him v-back). I will have some medicine the night before that will help further along the process and should expect to see him sometime that morning or afternoon. His birthday could potentially be 11-1-11! Matt and I have been singing the song by Nelly  “I am #1” to Noah to inspire him. Maybe I should put this on the pregnancy mix for the ipod. Anyways, if we induce, he’d be an 11-1-11 saint! (He’d also be born on All Saint’s Day!)

Some fun things that have been happening while anticipating his arrival:

Matt and I have finished all the initial shopping and the nursery/nook is complete. Pictures up tomorrow.

Matt put together the amazing glider we were given. It is Matt’s new favorite chair and where I find him most often studying. Noah and I are going to have some competition when we want to use it!

I have washed the clothes, towels, blankets, etc. with no-scent, no dye detergent. I love looking through all his little outfits. It seems unreal that a little body will fit into them. They are SO cute. He’s going to be quite the little GQ man if I do say so myself.

My work has put together a betting pool on when he will arrive and how much Noah will weigh. The winner will be $20 richer and receive bragging rights until the next baby is due to arrive. My co-worker’s wife is due in January. They aren’t finding out the gender, so the pot will even be bigger when this little nugget comes around.

Finally, my favorite moment of the day was when my dad called to check on me after my appointment today. I gave him the update and he said that it all sounded good. I told my dad how I could have had Noah tomorrow, but we decided to wait and let nature run its’ course- well, at least for a week. He then asked me to wait to have the baby until this Friday. He was dead serious, like I had some control over it. It was just a cute request (you might have to know my dad to appreciate this story- he’s all business most of the time), so I told him I’d do my best.

That’s all for now! I’ll do the 40 week post tomorrow unless the nugget surprises us tonight!

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