Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Nana and Uncle Aaron Visit Dallas

Yes I’m behind. Life happens- goodness- this blog will get loved on sooner or later.  (New Years resolution- here we come) Anyways, we had two visitors from Virginia come our way in November and love on our kids- Uncle Aaron and Nana. It was so much fun and the boys adored them both. Deacon even fell asleep on his Uncle Aaron. He NEVER does that- not even with me. (A tooth did pop later, so I think he needed the extra cuddles).

There was lots of park play, delicious meals, shopping adventures, and card games. The weather was beautiful- so glad Texas did not disappoint our guests. We are so thankful and feel so blessed that our kids are loved so well. 

Can’t wait for the next time! We are hoping to go up to Virginia in May so that we can see everybody all at one time. Our boys love their family and we all wish they didn't live so far away. 

Next up- 13/14 month update on Deacon & 3.25 year update on Noah! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Boys Birthday Party in the Park

For the Clem boys’ 1st and 3rd birthdays, we had a gathering of  family and friends at our local park. It was a blast- perfect weather, best company, and great food (my mom cooked the chili- so I'm biased). My favorite part was the piñata.  There is nothing better than a piñata with 15 kiddos under the age of 5. My heart was so full.

This picture- I’m obsessed- my background at work. I love every expression.  This is Deacon's peek-a-boo.

 piñata time!

 Big and Little. I think these two look so similar and honestly- their personalities are spot on. Deacon is the sweetest blessing. 

 Crazy Candle! There was a "Frozen" cake for Noah and a "Rubber Ducky" for Deacon. They were the CUTEST!

 My little buddy with a photo bomb by daddy. 

We have been in Dallas a little over a year and have made friendships to last a lifetime. We are so blessed. These are some of the girls from our supper club. 

  My family- so thankful for their help getting everything together and going.

My best friend Ashley and her little boy Kyle.  

For privacy sake, I’m only posting pictures of the people I know who are OK with me sharing photos of their kiddos. 

Next up on the blog- visit from Nana and Uncle Aaron! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Deacon is Twelve Months!

Penguin didn't last long. Stars and Stripes to honor our wonderful veterans. 
Weight/Length- 22 pounds (30%) and 30 inches (25%)

Eating- When my supply dropped, we started introducing formula and eventually whole milk. He has four bottles a day. He drinks somewhere between 16-20 ounces a day. Both my boys have always been big milk drinkers. As a result, the finger nails grow so fast- it takes everything in me to keep up with them. The Deek usually eats three meals and two snacks. Deacon is a big eater. He loves broccoli, chicken, bread, hotdogs, blueberries, strawberries, puffs, yogurt, and so much more.

Bedtime/Awake- Deacon sleeps 11-12 hours at night. He takes a morning cat nap and then a 2-3 hour afternoon nap.

Diapers- 3’s

Clothes- 9-12 months, 12 months

Park day!
Dislikes- Teething. Who doesn’t? I am proud to say that homeboy popped his first tooth right at twelve months. My boys are feverish, irritable, and miserable while teething. A symptom Noah did not have but Deacon did- SLEEPING. Deacon slept a ton while fighting through this tooth. Diaper changing is a battle- nothing new there. He doesn’t like long car rides. I don’t know if he gets carsick or just hates being strapped into the carseat. This boy is done if any car trip lasts more than 30 minutes. EEEK.

Likes- The Deek is the sweetest little guy and quite the lover. He is always up for being snuggled and held. He is a man’s man. We have found that in a room of people- he usually prefers a male to hold him over a female. Deacon loves to play with his brother. He is constantly watching Noah, looking for his approval and wanting to make him laugh. Deacon walks along furniture, snuggles his blankets, and plays peekaboo with his hands and blankets. Bath time is the best time. Swinging at the park is a must- a least a couple times a week. Deacon is obsessed with spoons and forks. He is actually pretty good at feeding himself with utensils.  My toddler (WHAT?!??!) loves putting things in baskets and dumping them back out. We just can’t get enough of this little man’s personality.

Favorite memories of the month- We had such a wonderful time celebrating both his and Noah’s birthday on November 2nd. We were surrounded by our community and family - enjoying the beautiful Texas weather. There was so much love.

It is incredible to think that we have been gifted with two sweet boys to steward. We want to continue to shepherd their hearts to be men of integrity, truth, commitment, hard work, and compassion. We have so much to look forward to and continue to try to relish in the moments because time is passing us by.

Goofy look- hard to get a good smile from this crazy buddy
We have had some special visits from family and friends that I hope to do a separate post on in the next week.

Here is to keeping my little boy alive a year while staying sane (yes, that’s an accomplishment-if you doubt it- come over to my house and babysit). 

Born 12 hours apart, same doctor, same hospital, best friends already

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Noah Says- Thoughts on Becoming a Man, Naughty Pirates, and Deacon

To the nanny- Maybe you would like naughty pirates if they changed their attitudes?

Noah- do you have kids?
Nanny- no, I don’t- not yet
Noah- I really wish I could give you Deacon, but I can’t.

Mom, I’ll be right back. I need to check the clock to see when I will become a man.

Mom, maybe when my tummy’s full I’ll become strong like a tiger.

When I’m a man, I’ll be able to carry logs and put them in my truck.

Thoughts from a three year old- can you believe it? THREE!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Deacon is Eleven Months!

Note the drool- still not teeth. It's deceiving I tell you...

Weight/Length- 22 pounds and 29/30 inches

Eating- At 11 months, my milk supply tanked- between starting boot camp and sickness- I wasn’t surprised.  I felt accomplished that I had lasted as long as I did, then I quickly handed him the formula He has 2 bottles of formula and two bottles of pumped milk. Deacon is not picky about food- he will eat about anything. His favorites this month are squeeze pouches, mac n cheese, pears, raisins, freeze dried fruit drops, chicken, strawberries, and yogurt.

Name that show- "you got it dude"

Bedtime/Awake- OK I’m biased but both boys sleep like champs. Deacon sleeps 11.5-12 hours at night. He does a small morning nap and a long 2/3 hour nap in the afternoon. During our sickness, I had them in separate rooms again and Noah 100% missed his brother. It’s sweet that they both like sleeping in the same room. I love listening to them talk and play as they wind down at night.

Diapers- 3’s

Clothes- 9 month clothes, 9-12 months, 12 months

Hi Mom and Dad.

Dislikes- Deacon still hates to have his diaper changed. He gets frustrated and wants to break free. We usually try to offer an item that he can hold or sing some kind of song. It’s sad but I dread changing his diaper.

Likes- This boy is quite cheerful. We love his cheek to cheek grins and large belly laughs. Things that get him really fired up- bath time, Lego demolishing, walks, snuggling his two blankets, “walking” while holding our fingers, Bruiser, brother, and his DAD. Deacon loves to be outside, swing at the park, and chase his brother. This boy has ditched the army crawl and now 100% bear crawls. Homeboy is the best cleaner in our house. He loves to put things away in bins. He also has the best arm- he loves to throw things especially my iPhone…eeek! He thinks it’s hilarious and claps at himself with pride.

Three way headbutt. Deacon sandwich. It takes determination. 

Favorite memories of the month- I have LOVED watching this boy grow. There are so many new tricks this month. He can say mama, dada, bruiser, and hi. He waves bye, gives lots of high fives, dances, head butts, and plays peekaboo. This little toddler personality is coming out of my baby, and I’m shocked. I really am starting to see how he fits into our family dynamic and love his sweet personality. It’s amazing how God creates each of us so uniquely. Noah and Deacon are night and day different but at the same time- you can totally tell they are brothers. Their laughs are identical. I melt over my two sons. I am that mama.

Sorry this is so late! It’s been a hard fall season at our house between sickness, busy season, Matt’s school/ Fort Worth internship, and life. There has been chaos and more chaos. It’s a beautiful thing; it just leaves for a neglected blog. I had this written a month ago and these pictures taken as well- just seriously never had time to sit down and edit/post.

flash forward 15 years from now- I think these two will give me the same looks.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Deacon is Ten Months!

Weight/Length- 20 1/2 pounds-ish and 28.5 inches-ish

Eating- Little buddy (who Matt now calls “THE DEEK” with a really deep voice) continues to pound out the food. I am seeing small trends of weaning himself off of b-milk. There are some days where he isn’t as interested and would rather water, and there are some days that it seems like every 4 hours he wants more. Favorites this month are grapes, blueberries, carrots, chicken, black beans, yogurt and banana.

Bedtime/Awake- Deacon sleeps 11 hours at night (7:30-6:30). I wish that he was up more around 7:30, but it’s hard to fight the natural clock when he shares a room with brother. If he is awake, I try to go get him so big brother can rest a little longer. THE DEEK takes a small hour nap from 9:00-10:00 and then a 2/3 hours nap from around 1:00-4:00. He loves his blankets as much as Noah loved his pacifier. He has two breathable ones in his crib that he rubs to self soothe. It melts my heart.

Diapers- 3’s

Clothes- 9 month clothes, 9-12 months, 12 months

Dislikes- new this month- he hates to have his diaper changed and be pinned down. He is a man on a mission and doesn’t want anything holding him down. Boy oh boy can it be frustrating. It’s a constant battle and a completely fake fuss. Once he is done being changed, you would never know anything was wrong. You would think that he would realize that a clean bum is a happy bum.

Deacon doesn’t like to be told no. He loves all cords and the dog’s water bowl. He throws a little tantrum when he is quickly removed from situations that could cause trouble. He is strong willed when it comes to knowing what he wants. I love his determination. He gives this grin that says “just watch me mom- I got this”.

Likes- Noah- oh boy does he love Noah. He is constantly watching Noah and wanting to do what he does. He is pulling up on things and moving around-just to be by brother’s side. It’s the best. I caught them a couple nights ago awake (way too late 9:30 pm) in their room reading stories. Noah had a book by the nightlight and Deacon was looking over his crib at the pictures- listening to him. Guys, it was the best. I can see this relationship and the role each of them will play. Brothers are something special I tell you.

Deacon loves to be outside. He loves to army crawl and play with the water bowl (like I mentioned earlier). Bath time is by far his favorite time of the day. He squeals with delight every time and has his “favorite tub toys”. When not playing in the bathtub, Legos are the favorite toy amongst the two boys right now. Noah loves to build and Deacon loves to tear it down. It's pretty funny- we like to see how fast we can build and how fast Deacon can demolish. 

Deacon is a daddy’s boy. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen him reach for Daddy and light up when Matt enters the room. They have this special relationship that I absolutely adore.  THE DEEK’s personality is really similar to Matt’s – they are both observers who study everything. They don’t want to be the center of attention but hate to be left out. They also look identical, so it kind of works out nicely.

Favorite memories of the month- We decorated the boys room to now include Deacon and it’s so cute! I felt like before that Deacon was just a guest because his pictures were nowhere and his name wasn’t to be found. Now Deacon has a claim in the room. I'll post pictures soon.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Deacon is Nine Months!

Weight/Length- 19 pounds 10 ounces (45% for weight) 28 inches (48% for height) 46 cm head (75% for head circumference)

Eating- Deacon loves to eat. Homeboy has 5 bottles a day of bm. Each bottle has around 5-6 ounces. He has 3-4 meals a day depending on what’s available and where we are at. Deacon loves table food – he will eat anything. I can’t put it fast enough on his plate- despite having ZERO teeth- he piles it in his mouth. I would say his favorites this month are bananas, blueberries, peas, carrots, chicken, and noodles.

Bedtime/Awake- Deacon sleeps 11-12 hours at night (7:30-6:45). He takes a small hour nap from 9:00-10:00 and then a 2/3 hours nap from around 1:00-4:00. Little buddy is a belly sleeper and rubs his blankets to self soothe. Despite my effort, he rejects the pacifier.  

Diapers- 3’s

Clothes- 9 month clothes, 9-12 months, 12 months

Dislikes- Deacon doesn’t like to be left out. He wants to be in the midst of everything and observe. He is learning to wait his turn, and this is a struggle. He sees something that Noah has and instantly wants it. We are learning the art of sharing. It’s already a battle- oh brother!

Likes- Despite not loving to share toys, Deacon loves sharing a room with his big brother. Most mornings I find them both at the end of their beds, looking at each other- giggling and making noise. Bath time is the best time in this house. If I even walk in the bathroom holding Deacon, he shrills with excitement in anticipation of the bath. His favorite bath toy is this play phone- he puts it to his ear and babbles. It’s stinking cute. Deacon loves all things electronic. IPhones, electrical cords, phone chargers- these are his favorite toys that we are constantly have to monitor.

Favorite memories of the month- Deacon is clapping, waving goodbye, army crawling (soon to normal crawl I think), and pinching like it’s his job. All these developmental milestones happened in a matter of days. It’s been so fun and exciting but also provided new challenges. Deacon’s personality is so different from our sweet Noah, and it has been such a wonderful time to get to know him and how God created his little mind to function. Home boy is no longer my little baby. I am now seeing my blue eyed, brown haired boy as this soon to be toddler full of energy and independence.

We have a greenbelt behind our neighborhood park and it’s been such a sweet time to take our family back there and explore. Big brother loves to jump off things and climb “mountains.” Deacon loves to go in the ergo on Matt’s back and pull tree branches. It’s so cute. Costco snacks are his new delight. Deacon has discovered that if brother is eating something- he should be too. We love going to Costco as a family and exploring all the treasures it has to offer (mainly the free samples). Our family of four is really starting to find its groove. For the first time, I feel like my head is above water and the stress level is manageable. Clem party of four is really a blast. I love living in a house of all boys! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Noah Says- Thoughts on Babies and My Favorite Color

I need to do work mom.

Last night we were at the dinner table, Noah looked at the picture of Matt, Deacon and himself right after I had Deacon. They were all together in the hospital snuggling in a chair. 
Noah-  "Look there is my daddy, Noah and Deacon." "Where were we?"
Me- “At the hospital”
Noah- “Oh ya, Deacon was sick.”
Me- “No, that’s when Mommy had Deacon. Do you remember when Deacon was in Mommy’s tummy?”
Noah- “ Yeah, was Noah in your tummy?”
Me- “Yes. 2.5 years ago.”
Noah- “You can get in my tummy and we will take your picture- put it on the wall."
" Look mom, see, here's my tummy.”
Noah then proceeds to pull up his shirt and point to his tummy. 

This morning, Noah looks at me as I’m getting my coffee ready and says “Mom, do you need a straw?”
I said, “Yes, thank you for reminding me”
He then asked me “what color- pink or green?”
I said- “yellow is my favorite color, can I have yellow?”
He said-“ no, you can have pink. pink is your favorite color.”

He looks proud to be an American if I do say so myself.

Who took my baby and left me with a bossy, witty, curious, and hilarious almost 3 year old?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Noah Says- Views On Creation

Noah- Mom, did God build my house?
Me- Yes! He created everything.
Noah- Mom, did God make doors open?
Me- Yes.
Noah- Mom, did God make doors close?
Me- Yes, God created everything.
Noah- Even my boxers?
Me- Yes
Noah- And UNDIES?!?!?!
Me- Yes
Noah- Oh wow. God did create everything.

Noah- Mom, where are my armpits?
Me- I point to them and show him where they are as he is lifting his arms and looking-he looks confused.
Noah- Are they hiding?  
Me- No, they are right there. One day you’ll have hair in them when you are a man.
Noah- Oh cool. Do you have hair in your armpits?
Me- No. I would hope not.
Noah- Oh. I need to see dad’s armpits.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brother oh Brother

The other day, I thought Deacon was leaning in for a kiss while taking a bath with Noah.  Kiss it was not- head butt it was. These two boys love to head butt. It’s hilarious and endearing. It’s beautiful and silly. Over the past month, I have watched the relationship between these two boys really start to develop (I know, I say that every month). As of this weekend, Clem boys are sharing a room. It’s been messy; I won’t lie. First morning I found Deacon covered in every stuffed animal and blanket known to mankind (if you follow me on Instagram, you saw the aftermath). Today's afternoon nap- neither of them slept. They played for the full two hours and both were bears until bedtime.  Let’s just say this mama was frustrated and POOPED. Once the two little dreamers were asleep, I gave myself the pep talk of – “hey mom of two wonderful boys- with transition and change comes challenge, get over yourself- it will get better.”  I’m working on this. I have decided to embrace the change and confront the challenge.

My silly almost three year old loves his little brother. That is beautiful. My almost 9 month old thinks his brother hung the moon. That is incredible.

I’m thankful. The end. No more complaining (at least for tonight). 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Noahs Says- Thoughts on Eyebrows, Daddy Snuggles, Best Buds and Trees

Me- Noah, we are best buds.
Noah- No, you are a girl and I am a bud.
Me-I’m a girl and you are a boy.
Noah- Ohhhhh yaaaa. I’m a bud and you’re a bud.

Me- your eyes look really green today.
Noah- my eyebrows are not nice.

Nanny- you have been a good boy today.

Noah- Daddy, I need to snuggle you. I really like you.
Matt- why?
Noah- I like your beard dad.

Noah- I love trees and poles so much. Tree, I love you so much. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Noah says- Straight out of the Cow's mouth....

After a long day at work-
Noah- “Mom are you grumpy?”
Me- “No I’m happy”
Noah- “Natalie (nata weeeee)  are you grouchy?”
Me- “no I’m happy”
Noah-“ Mom are you crunchy?”
Me- “no?!?!”
Noah- “yes you are, I eat you up.”

On our walk this morning-
Noah: “Hey mom, the moon is following us on our walk. Can I go see it?”
After our walk this morning-
“Mom you are so smart. Can you do me a favor and play blocks with me?”

Saturday at the farmer’s market
Noah- “Mom, I have a tummy ache.”
Matt- “What does it feel like?”
Noah- “Like I eat cat poopoo.”

This age - you never know what they will say. Sometimes I have to turn away, so he won't see me laugh. Noah's imagination is incredible- kids really do say the  "darndest thing". I treasure all these moments so much and will forever love to listen to his "stories".