Sunday, July 27, 2014

Noah Says- Views On Creation

Noah- Mom, did God build my house?
Me- Yes! He created everything.
Noah- Mom, did God make doors open?
Me- Yes.
Noah- Mom, did God make doors close?
Me- Yes, God created everything.
Noah- Even my boxers?
Me- Yes
Noah- And UNDIES?!?!?!
Me- Yes
Noah- Oh wow. God did create everything.

Noah- Mom, where are my armpits?
Me- I point to them and show him where they are as he is lifting his arms and looking-he looks confused.
Noah- Are they hiding?  
Me- No, they are right there. One day you’ll have hair in them when you are a man.
Noah- Oh cool. Do you have hair in your armpits?
Me- No. I would hope not.
Noah- Oh. I need to see dad’s armpits.

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