Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brother oh Brother

The other day, I thought Deacon was leaning in for a kiss while taking a bath with Noah.  Kiss it was not- head butt it was. These two boys love to head butt. It’s hilarious and endearing. It’s beautiful and silly. Over the past month, I have watched the relationship between these two boys really start to develop (I know, I say that every month). As of this weekend, Clem boys are sharing a room. It’s been messy; I won’t lie. First morning I found Deacon covered in every stuffed animal and blanket known to mankind (if you follow me on Instagram, you saw the aftermath). Today's afternoon nap- neither of them slept. They played for the full two hours and both were bears until bedtime.  Let’s just say this mama was frustrated and POOPED. Once the two little dreamers were asleep, I gave myself the pep talk of – “hey mom of two wonderful boys- with transition and change comes challenge, get over yourself- it will get better.”  I’m working on this. I have decided to embrace the change and confront the challenge.

My silly almost three year old loves his little brother. That is beautiful. My almost 9 month old thinks his brother hung the moon. That is incredible.

I’m thankful. The end. No more complaining (at least for tonight). 

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  1. Sweetest ever! I can't wait to give Hudson a sibling. Your boys are precious and are & will always be the best of friends :)