Sunday, July 13, 2014

Noah says- Straight out of the Cow's mouth....

After a long day at work-
Noah- “Mom are you grumpy?”
Me- “No I’m happy”
Noah- “Natalie (nata weeeee)  are you grouchy?”
Me- “no I’m happy”
Noah-“ Mom are you crunchy?”
Me- “no?!?!”
Noah- “yes you are, I eat you up.”

On our walk this morning-
Noah: “Hey mom, the moon is following us on our walk. Can I go see it?”
After our walk this morning-
“Mom you are so smart. Can you do me a favor and play blocks with me?”

Saturday at the farmer’s market
Noah- “Mom, I have a tummy ache.”
Matt- “What does it feel like?”
Noah- “Like I eat cat poopoo.”

This age - you never know what they will say. Sometimes I have to turn away, so he won't see me laugh. Noah's imagination is incredible- kids really do say the  "darndest thing". I treasure all these moments so much and will forever love to listen to his "stories".

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