Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Father's Day O' Fun

Because I was flying back on Sunday (Father’s Day) and didn’t get home until 9:30 p.m., Matt and I decided that we would celebrate his first Father’s Day on Thursday after I finished up some work and he had his office hours.
We started the day off right. I made him protein pancakes before he left for school and boy were they a hit-SO EASY! Bisquick, Protein mix, Milk and Eggs- this makes the fluffiest, protein filled pancakes that keep you full way longer than the normal Bisquick pancakes. These are now a new staple at the Clem household. (click on link below- I used 1% milk, not whole)


Anyways, Matt came home around noon, and we started our day o’ fun. First, we went to Rudy’s for lunch and enjoyed brisket, turkey, and potato salad (all my favorites). Noah loved sitting in the highchair and watching all the people. We gave him his first taste of BBQ sauce- it was a hit. Homeboy loves barbecue like his daddy.
Hi buddddddy!

Waiting in line for our delicious food.

 Afterwards, I gave Matt three options of what we could do for the rest of the day: swimming, movie night, or Chick-fil-a. He said all of them, SO we went swimming with Noah in our apartment pool.

Noah's new hat from Cedar Shores- PRECIOUS!

Sporting the mo-hawk!

Playing in the pool with daddy-o!

Mom, am I cute?

We took a date to Chick-fil-a without the nugget. (No pictures...oops)

This cheese ball stayed home with the nanny so we could go on our date night!
We rented two redbox DVD’s (Sherlock Holmes and Hugo) for the movie night. Sherlock Holmes was an A+ choice. Hugo was good, but I wouldn't see it again.

As for the gifts, Matt and I had agreed no gifts this Father’s Day since we had recently purchased him a bike. This meant I had to get  REAL creative. I found that I could print 25 pictures for free from CVS, so I made him a picture collage. SUCCESS! 

It was overall a great day. Matt is a wonderful father and a blessing to both me and Noah. I tell Matt this all the time, but I know that God was thinking about me when he created Matt. Noah and I continue to be amazed by the love and dedication Matt shows in leading our family. Matthew Alan Clem- Happy First Father’s Day! 

Next up on the blog- play date pictures!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blue-man Group

So I know I said I’d blog about swimming next, but I can’t resist doing this post first. I’m OBSESSED with these pictures we took on Saturday. Matt and I ventured to  crazy packed Costco with the nugget and he was being quite the ham. These days, if there is a camera around, Noah will smile (whether or not the picture is being taken of him).  Enjoy these pictures! I love love love my boys!

Dressed in all blue. yes please.

Hey dad, WE MATCH!

Noah: "Mom wants another cheesy smile? Ok, I'll do it"

WHOO HOOOO! Play time!

Lets look at that face a little closer!

Noah: "Mom, my head looks as big as yours in this picture"

He's cute. AND he knows it.

Car seat ride home and mom is sitting next to me! 

Noah points to everything right now. Even the camera lens! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Beautiful South Dakota Wedding

My cousin Ab married his high school sweetheart Diedra this past weekend (they dated for seven and a half years). It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding- she looked like a princess and everything was so well planned.  It was a blessing to see all the Boysen family and celebrate such a big day. Enjoy the pictures! 

A few dress rehearsal pictures…  

Boysen girl cousins minus Brianne and Abby

Piper eating the shoe of the grooms cake- it was made out of a rice crispy treat! 
 Before the ceremony, some of the family rented a pontoon boat and headed out to catch some fish. This was quite unsuccessful but a blast none the less.  

Dad and Brother on the Lake

Piper and Griffin- Joe's kids
Griffin driving the boat

The crew

The photographer

The only catch- a dirty sock

Dad, Bruce, Piper, and Katie

The BIG night….(450 people big)  
The precious couple- gorgeous setting over the lake

Amazing shot! (I stole off facebook- don't judge me- I was too mesmerized to take pictures)
4 of 7 the seven Boysen Siblings- Heidi being the mother of the groom
Such a fun weekend- wish I could have gotten one big Boysen family shot! 

Pool time fun post to come! Happy Thursday!  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christmas Crawler in July

Noah is sporting his Christmas onesie and working on the crawl. Look at these facial expressions.  I just eat him up! I think that in the next probably week the nugget will be a fully mobile baby. 

Why Hello Mama with the Camera!

Watch me scoot!

I'm a little wobbly.

And I sport the comb-over.

Any presents in there for me?

Pushing myself backwards, now how do I go forwards Mom?

Yes, I have drool on my face. What's new?

I'm going to be mobile mom. Soon. Watch Out. Christmas Baby Bandit will be on the loose.

South Dakota wedding post to come!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Girl is Away...

While the girl is away (AKA Mama), the boys will play.

And by golly, that’s what Noah and Matt did for the past couple days without me around.

They played.
And mo-hawked twice.
 And played.
And shopped.
And strolled.
And tackled stuffed animals.
 And swam.
And when all was said and done, SLEPT!

These are a few of the pictures Matt sent me to keep me updated with Man time these past couple days. According to Matt, Noah's favorite trip was to the Home Depot. Noah is already learning to become a handy man and Mr. Fix-it like his dad! 

                                Happy Monday! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Noah and his GGP

I was terrible at taking pictures this past weekend when there were so many good opportunities (yes, I am kicking myself). I forgot my good camera, and I just didn’t manage to take out my Iphone enough. I think I sometimes rebel and like to just leave the phone alone since with work and not being with Noah Monday through Wednesday, I check it all the time.

Here is one really great picture I took with Noah and his Great Grandma Pat (GGP). We had a great visit with them this past weekend with lots of food, fellowship, and fun. Noah was of course the center of attention and soaked it up- every minute of it to be exact. It was obvious when we got home that he was going in withdrawals. He loves for everybody to be on the floor looking at him as he crawls backwards, swivels around, and talks super loud. Noah has picked up this loud babbling habit. When we are in the car talking, he has to talk over us so we will pay attention. He is awfully noisy, but I still love him to the moon and back. 

Update- no forward crawling yet, but folks, we are on the verge. He is SO close! 

I am off to a wedding Wednesday through Sunday, so when this blog goes untouched after Wednesday, don’t be worried. There will be pictures to come from South Dakota and visiting the crazy Boysen family. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


So on Sundays, I may or may not like to dress my boys alike. Judge me.
I know.

But seriously, aren’t these two the cutest? Here are two pictures where my boys are dressed alike. There are more to come- continue to judge me. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Milkshake Madness

I forgot something at home yesterday, so Matt and I had a surprise lunch date with our nugget at Chick fil A. CFA is a Clem family favorite- many date nights without Noah are spent here.

 We  sat in front of the play place, so Noah could have something to watch and observe while the parents chowed down. 

Although he watched the kids some, Noah was WAY more interested in Mom and Dad’s milkshake. Noah is very grabby and loves to try to take drinks out of straws. It is always an adventure to try to eat, keep him entertained, and have pieces of food ready to give him as he grabs your plate. 

Noah was such a bundle of joy to be around- all napped and happy as could be.  Yesterday, seeing my boys was the best kind of way to break up of my day. 

He thinks his Mom is crazy. Which is mostly true, crazy about him and crazy about Matt. :)