Monday, June 18, 2012

The Girl is Away...

While the girl is away (AKA Mama), the boys will play.

And by golly, that’s what Noah and Matt did for the past couple days without me around.

They played.
And mo-hawked twice.
 And played.
And shopped.
And strolled.
And tackled stuffed animals.
 And swam.
And when all was said and done, SLEPT!

These are a few of the pictures Matt sent me to keep me updated with Man time these past couple days. According to Matt, Noah's favorite trip was to the Home Depot. Noah is already learning to become a handy man and Mr. Fix-it like his dad! 

                                Happy Monday! 


  1. Natalie--Noah is ADORABLE! I love his sweet little mohawk!

  2. Thank you Sara! We feel very blessed. He is quite the ham and we love him very much!