Monday, June 11, 2012

Noah and his GGP

I was terrible at taking pictures this past weekend when there were so many good opportunities (yes, I am kicking myself). I forgot my good camera, and I just didn’t manage to take out my Iphone enough. I think I sometimes rebel and like to just leave the phone alone since with work and not being with Noah Monday through Wednesday, I check it all the time.

Here is one really great picture I took with Noah and his Great Grandma Pat (GGP). We had a great visit with them this past weekend with lots of food, fellowship, and fun. Noah was of course the center of attention and soaked it up- every minute of it to be exact. It was obvious when we got home that he was going in withdrawals. He loves for everybody to be on the floor looking at him as he crawls backwards, swivels around, and talks super loud. Noah has picked up this loud babbling habit. When we are in the car talking, he has to talk over us so we will pay attention. He is awfully noisy, but I still love him to the moon and back. 

Update- no forward crawling yet, but folks, we are on the verge. He is SO close! 

I am off to a wedding Wednesday through Sunday, so when this blog goes untouched after Wednesday, don’t be worried. There will be pictures to come from South Dakota and visiting the crazy Boysen family. 

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