Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blue-man Group

So I know I said I’d blog about swimming next, but I can’t resist doing this post first. I’m OBSESSED with these pictures we took on Saturday. Matt and I ventured to  crazy packed Costco with the nugget and he was being quite the ham. These days, if there is a camera around, Noah will smile (whether or not the picture is being taken of him).  Enjoy these pictures! I love love love my boys!

Dressed in all blue. yes please.

Hey dad, WE MATCH!

Noah: "Mom wants another cheesy smile? Ok, I'll do it"

WHOO HOOOO! Play time!

Lets look at that face a little closer!

Noah: "Mom, my head looks as big as yours in this picture"

He's cute. AND he knows it.

Car seat ride home and mom is sitting next to me! 

Noah points to everything right now. Even the camera lens! 

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