Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Beautiful South Dakota Wedding

My cousin Ab married his high school sweetheart Diedra this past weekend (they dated for seven and a half years). It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding- she looked like a princess and everything was so well planned.  It was a blessing to see all the Boysen family and celebrate such a big day. Enjoy the pictures! 

A few dress rehearsal pictures…  

Boysen girl cousins minus Brianne and Abby

Piper eating the shoe of the grooms cake- it was made out of a rice crispy treat! 
 Before the ceremony, some of the family rented a pontoon boat and headed out to catch some fish. This was quite unsuccessful but a blast none the less.  

Dad and Brother on the Lake

Piper and Griffin- Joe's kids
Griffin driving the boat

The crew

The photographer

The only catch- a dirty sock

Dad, Bruce, Piper, and Katie

The BIG night….(450 people big)  
The precious couple- gorgeous setting over the lake

Amazing shot! (I stole off facebook- don't judge me- I was too mesmerized to take pictures)
4 of 7 the seven Boysen Siblings- Heidi being the mother of the groom
Such a fun weekend- wish I could have gotten one big Boysen family shot! 

Pool time fun post to come! Happy Thursday!  

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  1. Marvelous! A wedding like this so calm and serene! I have also booked one of the beach side San Francisco wedding venues for my wedding day and it is also far away from my town. We can call it a destination wedding also, I am very excited for it.