Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Milkshake Madness

I forgot something at home yesterday, so Matt and I had a surprise lunch date with our nugget at Chick fil A. CFA is a Clem family favorite- many date nights without Noah are spent here.

 We  sat in front of the play place, so Noah could have something to watch and observe while the parents chowed down. 

Although he watched the kids some, Noah was WAY more interested in Mom and Dad’s milkshake. Noah is very grabby and loves to try to take drinks out of straws. It is always an adventure to try to eat, keep him entertained, and have pieces of food ready to give him as he grabs your plate. 

Noah was such a bundle of joy to be around- all napped and happy as could be.  Yesterday, seeing my boys was the best kind of way to break up of my day. 

He thinks his Mom is crazy. Which is mostly true, crazy about him and crazy about Matt. :)

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