Saturday, June 2, 2012

All Things Green

Notice the drool ring! Teeth? Please Come! Maybe? Any day now so I can stop guessing? 

I swear Noah loves all things green.

Homeboy loves Avocado. He has been knocking them out lately- I believe this has been one culprit of his slim chunky figure. (Noah is officially 18 1/2 pounds!) Avocados are full of healthy fat and Matt and I both love them, so it doesn't surprise me. 

Noah loves pears. He will finish off the tub in four minutes. If he sees me eating a pear, he will want a bite- not that he can chew. He just wants it in his mouth, to slobber all over and taste the flavor. 

Most of all, Noah loves to be outside. He is calmed by anything outdoors. I think we have been taking him on multiple walks a day because of this. He is so curious to watch the birds, the trees, the light reflecting off grass or water. His sense of awareness has increased ten times over these past two weeks. This is so nice because he now can entertain himself for longer periods of time. 

My Boy!

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