Monday, June 4, 2012

Ear Infection Equals Enemy

Well, it’s official. Noah has had his first ear infection and let me say I am NOT NOT NOT a fan. On Thursday night, Matt received a text from our nanny that Noah was running a fever while we were at the firm Happy Hour. We thought no big deal, he has been showing ALL signs of teething (a low grade fever can be a symptom).  Fast forward a couple hours later in the middle of the night, Noah was up every two to three hours and obviously very uncomfortable. I continued to give him Tylenol and he would feel much better for a little, but once the 4 hour time slot was almost over, he was obviously not happy. The next morning we took his temperature and it was back down. Homeboy seemed fairly normal, but he was still fussy. I called my mom and told her about what had been going on. She said that all signs pointed to ear infection. I was skeptical, still determined he was teething, but I said we would play it out and see. As the day continued Friday, it was obvious he wasn’t feeling any better. He was Mr. Grump to the max, rightfully so, his ear was throbbing. At 4:45, we headed to the doctor (so glad we did this, they close at 5) and they confirmed that Noah had his first ear infection. It is in his right ear, it’s not too bad, and he is on antibiotics and ear numbing drops.

I learned that
  • -          High fever
  • -          Lack of Appetite
  • -          Lethargy

= Ear Infection (most of the time).

So because of this, Noah has been super snuggly and very attached to his mama. I love this little dude. I am happy to say that last night, for the first night in about 4 days, he slept 12 hours and woke up full of energy! 

Snuggling with Grammy before we headed to the Pedi

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