Friday, May 13, 2011

16 weeks and Dora the Explorer!!!

Sorry this is couple days late. I came down with the flu. I have slept for the past two days and finally feeling better. The baby must be growing!
Along: 16 weeks
Size of baby: Clementine is the size of an avocado. This week Clementine is nearly five inches in length and weighs over three ounces.  
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  It’s official. I’ve gained some baby weight. I have gained 2.5-3 pounds since my last appointment.
Maternity Clothes: I’m still wearing my normal clothes. I’ve noticed more things put pressure on my belly especially gym shorts. It feels a little cramped at the waist, and I know this is only the beginning.
Gender:  I now think boy. I know. I’m changing it up here. The heartbeat last Wednesday was 145. The average rate for a fetus is 120-160. The old wives tale is that if it’s above 150 it’s a girl. Matt and my mom now think it’s a boy because it’s on the lower end of the spectrum and of course, I now have jumped on the bandwagon.
Movement:  No movement yet. I’m very excited to feel the baby!
Sleep: It’s good. My back still hurts, but I don’t think that is going away anytime soon. I’m just glad to be able to sleep.  
What I miss:  I miss being able to drink a margarita. I did not drink them often, but now that I can’t have them, I crave them.
Cravings:  Green Apples, Pickles, Snickers, and Cheese/Mustard.
Symptoms: I have had some of my food aversion come back this week. I will taste something that the baby doesn’t like and completely lose my appetite. The chronic back pain is always around too.  Mood swings are taking place. I had a HUGE breakdown over nothing the other night. I cried for a good twenty minutes. My mom called the next morning to make sure everything was okay. Her response was “that’s just not like you, must be a pregnancy meltdown.”
Best Moment This Week: Four of my good friends from elementary school, high school, and college came into town this past weekend. It was the perfect lake day. We went swimming in the lake; all got very crispy from the sun and enjoyed great food. After the lake, we went to a good friend of ours birthday party. He had a giant Dora the explorer Moonbounce along with super fun party hats. It was quite the day! I also LOVED hearing the heartbeat of the baby last Wednesday. I can’t wait to meet him/her!!!

1 more day until vacation with Matt my family! I haven't seen my brother for 6 months!
3 more weeks until Ashley and Luke come home! *Then back to regular exercise
26 more days until the gender reveal!
167 more days until this baby is DUE!
 These are my besties from the moonbounce party!

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