Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sneak Peak of our BWCA Adventure

This past week, Matt and I had the amazing opportunity to go on a canoeing/camping trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA). My dad had been on this six different times with all of his guy buddies. This past January, he talked about taking my brother on this trip in May after law school was over and offered it to Matt as well.  Matt was all in. He had camped as a kid and loved it. I immediately chimed in and said if Matt is going, I'm going too. I have MOC (Missing out Complex). I knew this trip would be amazing, and I didn't want to be stuck in a cubicle while Matt was hanging out with bears, beavers, and Northern Pike. Our next mission: to get my mom on board. At first she was really hesitant, she said she just stay home and relax. By February, she was convinced. She didn't want to be left behind and miss out on all the memories.

Now this post is just a sneak peak. These pictures are from the last two days. My brother has all the adventure pictures, but we are still waiting on him to get home. Once he gets home, I will update the post. I also want to make a shutterfly book to show baby Clementine what he/she experienced in my tummy.

Here is the smurf village.
Here is what I did a lot of.
This is Matt with our canoe B-5. It survived strong currents, portages, and small fish.

Matt did most of the hard work in our canoe. As you can see, it was packed to the brim and not easy to paddle. I was glad to have him as my partner. He was the best.
Here is Daniel and Dad planning our method of attack on the Dangerous Waters.
There are more to come. :)

Peace, Love, and Canoe Paddles. Natalie

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