Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Noah Says- Thoughts on Babies and My Favorite Color

I need to do work mom.

Last night we were at the dinner table, Noah looked at the picture of Matt, Deacon and himself right after I had Deacon. They were all together in the hospital snuggling in a chair. 
Noah-  "Look there is my daddy, Noah and Deacon." "Where were we?"
Me- “At the hospital”
Noah- “Oh ya, Deacon was sick.”
Me- “No, that’s when Mommy had Deacon. Do you remember when Deacon was in Mommy’s tummy?”
Noah- “ Yeah, was Noah in your tummy?”
Me- “Yes. 2.5 years ago.”
Noah- “You can get in my tummy and we will take your picture- put it on the wall."
" Look mom, see, here's my tummy.”
Noah then proceeds to pull up his shirt and point to his tummy. 

This morning, Noah looks at me as I’m getting my coffee ready and says “Mom, do you need a straw?”
I said, “Yes, thank you for reminding me”
He then asked me “what color- pink or green?”
I said- “yellow is my favorite color, can I have yellow?”
He said-“ no, you can have pink. pink is your favorite color.”

He looks proud to be an American if I do say so myself.

Who took my baby and left me with a bossy, witty, curious, and hilarious almost 3 year old?

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