Sunday, November 23, 2014

Boys Birthday Party in the Park

For the Clem boys’ 1st and 3rd birthdays, we had a gathering of  family and friends at our local park. It was a blast- perfect weather, best company, and great food (my mom cooked the chili- so I'm biased). My favorite part was the piñata.  There is nothing better than a piñata with 15 kiddos under the age of 5. My heart was so full.

This picture- I’m obsessed- my background at work. I love every expression.  This is Deacon's peek-a-boo.

 piñata time!

 Big and Little. I think these two look so similar and honestly- their personalities are spot on. Deacon is the sweetest blessing. 

 Crazy Candle! There was a "Frozen" cake for Noah and a "Rubber Ducky" for Deacon. They were the CUTEST!

 My little buddy with a photo bomb by daddy. 

We have been in Dallas a little over a year and have made friendships to last a lifetime. We are so blessed. These are some of the girls from our supper club. 

  My family- so thankful for their help getting everything together and going.

My best friend Ashley and her little boy Kyle.  

For privacy sake, I’m only posting pictures of the people I know who are OK with me sharing photos of their kiddos. 

Next up on the blog- visit from Nana and Uncle Aaron! 

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  1. Love these. Sad we missed their birthday. Can't believe they are growing so fast. Everything looked wonderful :)