Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Deacon is Twelve Months!

Penguin didn't last long. Stars and Stripes to honor our wonderful veterans. 
Weight/Length- 22 pounds (30%) and 30 inches (25%)

Eating- When my supply dropped, we started introducing formula and eventually whole milk. He has four bottles a day. He drinks somewhere between 16-20 ounces a day. Both my boys have always been big milk drinkers. As a result, the finger nails grow so fast- it takes everything in me to keep up with them. The Deek usually eats three meals and two snacks. Deacon is a big eater. He loves broccoli, chicken, bread, hotdogs, blueberries, strawberries, puffs, yogurt, and so much more.

Bedtime/Awake- Deacon sleeps 11-12 hours at night. He takes a morning cat nap and then a 2-3 hour afternoon nap.

Diapers- 3’s

Clothes- 9-12 months, 12 months

Park day!
Dislikes- Teething. Who doesn’t? I am proud to say that homeboy popped his first tooth right at twelve months. My boys are feverish, irritable, and miserable while teething. A symptom Noah did not have but Deacon did- SLEEPING. Deacon slept a ton while fighting through this tooth. Diaper changing is a battle- nothing new there. He doesn’t like long car rides. I don’t know if he gets carsick or just hates being strapped into the carseat. This boy is done if any car trip lasts more than 30 minutes. EEEK.

Likes- The Deek is the sweetest little guy and quite the lover. He is always up for being snuggled and held. He is a man’s man. We have found that in a room of people- he usually prefers a male to hold him over a female. Deacon loves to play with his brother. He is constantly watching Noah, looking for his approval and wanting to make him laugh. Deacon walks along furniture, snuggles his blankets, and plays peekaboo with his hands and blankets. Bath time is the best time. Swinging at the park is a must- a least a couple times a week. Deacon is obsessed with spoons and forks. He is actually pretty good at feeding himself with utensils.  My toddler (WHAT?!??!) loves putting things in baskets and dumping them back out. We just can’t get enough of this little man’s personality.

Favorite memories of the month- We had such a wonderful time celebrating both his and Noah’s birthday on November 2nd. We were surrounded by our community and family - enjoying the beautiful Texas weather. There was so much love.

It is incredible to think that we have been gifted with two sweet boys to steward. We want to continue to shepherd their hearts to be men of integrity, truth, commitment, hard work, and compassion. We have so much to look forward to and continue to try to relish in the moments because time is passing us by.

Goofy look- hard to get a good smile from this crazy buddy
We have had some special visits from family and friends that I hope to do a separate post on in the next week.

Here is to keeping my little boy alive a year while staying sane (yes, that’s an accomplishment-if you doubt it- come over to my house and babysit). 

Born 12 hours apart, same doctor, same hospital, best friends already

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