Wednesday, August 24, 2011

31 weeks: Attack of the Poison Ivy

Along: 31 weeks
Size of baby:  Noah is the size of four navel oranges. His little irises can dilate and respond to changes in light. He is about 3 pounds and 17 inches.
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  19 pounds- this is kind of a sore subject.  I don’t really care how much weight I’ve gained, but the doctor is worried. She expected me to be bigger. I haven’t gained anything since they weighed me 3 weeks ago. They weighed me three weeks ago at 2:30 p.m- this is after at least two snacks and two meals plus lots of water. This morning, I’d only had a glass of chocolate milk when I was weighed and was at the same weight gain. Anyways, as a result, Matt and I get to see Noah on Tuesday. WHOO HOO! We are both excited about getting to see him on the ultra sound, I just wish it wasn’t because they wanted to check his size. I will keep y’all updated!   
Maternity Clothes:   Mixture of both. I love maternity pants. I think they should be in style and socially acceptable even when women are not pregnant. They are SO comfortable.
 Gender:  Noah Walker Clem- a BOY!
Movement:  Yes. He is constantly doing dance moves and somersaults. I am so thankful for how active he is. It is always just a sweet little reminder of the miracle that is growing in my belly.
Sleep: Bad, actually the WORST! This isn’t Noah’s fault. I have poison ivy- yes, poison ivy. It’s been miserable. I finally got a prescription today that should clear it up. Let’s just say this week has been rocky. I’m so thankful that I have Matt for moral support. He washed all the clothes, bedding, and anything I could have touched to try to help get rid of it. He’s been super patient with my mood swings and irritability. I’m convinced poison ivy is straight from you know where. CONVINCED!
What I miss:     I miss good night sleeps and being able to run with my buddy Ashley. College station is TOO far!
Cravings:  Ice water and Chocolate Milk!
Symptoms: Leg cramps, back aches, and tail bone pain.  
Best Moment This Week:   Jenna, Matt, and I took an adventure to Town Lake this past Friday night. Jenna and I decided that it was time to initiate Matt into the Town Lake swimming club-he did not know what he was getting into.  We had the wind against us, tired bodies, and no places to rest when we were tired. Our goal was to swim from Red Bud Isle to Deep Eddy. Let’s just say half way through, we decided it was time to find a short cut and walk. We had fun trekking through the back part of Town Lake woods and trying to find a way to civilization. After a while of trekking, we reached a dead end (fence with barbed wire) and knew we’d have to get back in the water. We turned around and headed back towards the water. To get to the water, we had to move branches, climb over limbs, crawl, and do some pretty acrobatic moves. This is also how I picked up the poison ivy (yuck). We eventually swam back to Deep Eddy and everything was just dandy. We had a great time and Matt said that was really hard but so rewarding. I don’t think he will be doing it for a while- let’s be honest, I won’t either. Poison ivy is miserable, but it is even more miserable when pregnant. I will be staying in pools and lakes that do not have signs posted everywhere warning of the poison ivy.
Matt's response when I asked to take a picture of his first day back to school. CUTE!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Matt that is hysterical! Loved the blog Natalie, I laughed out loud twice!

    Love you guys!!