Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 weeks: 10 Weeks Left in this Home Stretch!

Along: 30 weeks

Size of baby:  Noah is the size of a cabbage. He is a little over 15.5 inches in length and growing closer to 3 pounds.
Maternity Clothes:    It is still a mixture of both. Maternity pants are a must for work. I have been wearing a lot of maternity tops this past week- they are comfortable and I figure now is the time to bust out the Motherhood brand!

 Gender:  A BOY! Noah Walker Clem
Movement:  He is moving so much. I think he has the leg jitters and twitches like I do- he is constantly moving. I tried to count how many kicks in an hour- lost count. I lost that battle within about 15 minutes. I told Matt we probably have a punter on our hands- or maybe a ninja.  
Sleep: It’s been ok. It is really hit or miss every night. We’ve been staying up later just with busy season here- Matt and I don’t have as much time together- so we make up for it by staying up. I feel it at the end of the week but sleep sounder because I’m SO tired.
What I miss:     I miss  having  normal sized toes at the end of the day. I also miss being able to see my feet. The belly is taking away my view when I’m standing up.
Cravings:  Sweets, Chocolate milk, Ice water, bananas, oranges
Symptoms: Back pain, leg cramps, tailbone aches, achiness, fatigue, irritability
Best Moment This Week:   I have two best moments.
We had Daniel’s going away dinner this past weekend. We went to this place called Uchiko! It was so much fun. We all had a blast. My mom decided she wanted some fried shrimp while we were there- mind you this a sushi restaurant that has really unique dishes. They brought out a fried crawfish that still have its’ eyeballs and tentacles. She tried to order four of them before she knew what she was getting- I’m glad the waiter only brought her one. Daniel took one for the team and ate the head- Matt took one for the team and ate the tail. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful family. This meal was a great way to end Daniel’s summer internship in Austin. He’s now taken the Malibu back to Malibu and starting his second year in law school.  
Another favorite of this week was getting to swim with Ashley and Daniel in Townlake. Let’s just say it was quite the muddy mess and we saw one dead fish. They were troopers and we survived. It was great getting to see Ashley for a Sunday afternoon- she was in town for a birthday party and a doctor’s appointment on Monday. Matt and I still wish the Baker’s weren’t called to College Station!

Bon Appetit!


After dinner smiles :)!

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