Thursday, February 28, 2013

16 months

Already palming the ball, watch out Kobe and Lebron....
Noah Walker, my big buddy and little dood, you are 16 months old- I can't believe it. You have grown up so much this past month.

This month you became a big lap sitter. You have always loved to read books, but this month, you have to sit in my lap to read or else you throw the book down or shut it immediately. The funny thing is you haven't figured out how to back scoot into my lap. You try to sit facing me and then turn around- which doesn't work so well. I love it.

Watermelon might be your favorite food ever. We have seen some crazy temper tantrums when you have finished a slice and we have to take it away. It's alright though because you immediately start to perk up when we pull out another slice from the bag.

Teething teething teething. You have been busy at work. I count 9 right now. They haven't come all the way down, but you are a mouth full of swollen gums and have had fevers to show for it.

You still love to be outside and could push your toy giraffe trike all around the courtyard for hours. Mommy and Daddy just watch you and let you get ALL that energy out.

Noah, you think you are hilarious. You have started to do things or say things and then just chuckle to yourself with an "I'm so funny" laugh and grin. We eat it up. You provide so much joy in this household.

I died laughing this month when I caught you trying to put my bobby pin back in my hair. I said thank you and then you pointed to your head- like what about me?  I put it in your hair and that's when I knew it was time for a haircut. You didn't look like a Noah- you looked like a Noelle. Yikes.

As for words,  some of the new ones this month are "oh gosh", "ok", "yeshhh", "juicccce", "milkkkk", "gaga" (bird), "knee", and "baba" (bottle).  I know there are more, but that's all I can whip out right now.

You know so much. We can give you all sorts of commands like bring me a book, go sit down, throw this away for me, where is your _____? and you will go find whatever we ask for, you know sorts of body parts, and my favorite- you blow big kisses. Grammy taught you that this week. I melt when you smack your lips and throw your hands out.

Noah, you are my sunshine. Although I have seen far too many neck fling backs and body meltdowns because of the single word "no", I still love you. I realize that you are testing the boundaries and learning what you can and cannot do.  I have seen your first restaurant meltdown and lots of fake crying to get your way. Your daddy and I have concluded that you are very opinionated. We like to call it the only child syndrome. Some like to call it the terrible twos. I think it might be a mixture of both. These meltdowns are not my favorite, but for the most part, we see them only about 10% of the time. The other 90% you are a little love bug of personality.  

Can't wait to see what this next month brings.
We love you Noah. 

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  1. Oh my goodness he looks so grown up. Such a sweet boy. Happy 16 months munchkin!!