Sunday, March 3, 2013

Zilker Kite Festival

This week I plan on blogging about our last weekend in Dallas and how the organic challenge went for the month of February. I haven't really said much about either of those, so it's time.

But tonight……

I want to post the pictures from the Kite Festival (the largest in the nation held out our very own Zilker Park). I was exhausted from working Saturday and entertaining the dood afterwards, but Matt convinced me that in order to "live Austin" we had to go. So dragging my feet (a little bit), I agreed and made sure that we could just go straight from church. We packed snacks, milk, and our walking shoes. I'm so glad we did- it was a complete blast and a gorgeous day to be outside.

How did we do Austin this afternoon ? Well, I'll tell you. First, we went to a smoothie place right off the trail called JuiceLand that I have been dying to go to for like three years. I picked out the HoneyBear with blueberries (banana, peanut butter, honey, rice milk, and blueberries!) and Matt got some kind of mystery. We still aren't sure. He thought he ordered Orange Kush but it definitely was bright green and nothing orange about it. All he could taste was the peanut butter. Would I go there again? Yes! Was it expensive? Yes! Did I love it? Yes!

Anyways, onto the kite festival. It was the perfect day to fly kites and Noah had a blast. He kept calling them "gaga's" (birds) and chasing them. Let me just say I have kite flying skills- Matt not so much. Next time, we will practice before hand ! It seriously was the perfect windy weather. I highly recommend  going next year it if you can find a place to park. We stayed on the outskirts and didn't venture into the heart of the festival where there was a mob of Austinites. It was great to get out and walk. We walked over 5 miles just getting around there. 

I hate crowds and this isn't even the most packed part...

Small glimpse of the kite sky!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Awe I wanted to take Hudson but didn't have time. I'm so glad y'all went. Looks like y'all had a great time. Did Noah just love the kites?