Monday, March 25, 2013

Avocado Face

Nothing like a little avocado face for this boy. Noah has been eating us out of the house- endless hunger. It's amazing how much can fit in that santa belly. He goes to bed with his belly totally popped and wakes up a skinny mini. I think his metabolism never stops- I'm not surprised- he never stops right now. He is wild and crazy- like all little boys are supposed to be. I cherish the snuggle moments, but right now, you will more often than not find me trying to keep up with him. We "gogogogogo" as Noah likes to say.

With tax season upon me, this  blog has and will be neglected for a while. I've been taking mental notes about the 17 month post coming this week. This month Noah has grown so much- both mentally and physically. It blows my mind- something new everyday.  I also have some really cute pictures from this weekend where we did a Bike/Baby wash! I'll post soon.

Happy Monday!

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